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Home appliance control using Google talk/Yahoo messager

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Jan 5, 2010
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how to control the home appliance using internet through Google talk/Yahoo messager. I have searched a lot on internet, but do not get any significant information. from where to start and how to achieve this.


which micro controller are u using for this purpose ?
it will help others to give post to you

I will try to use AVR(Atmega8/Atmega16).
How can i do this?

how will your device connect to the internet ?? via ethernet, wireless or through a GSM mobile phone ??

In any case you have to first solve this problem first, ethernet and wireless both need a TCP/IP stack, without which your device cannot connect to the ADSL/wireless router..

then again this will depend on how the router is configured in your home..

GSM using a mobile phone may be easier..

Any easier solution is to use a laptop or a PC that connects to the internet and negotiates with the Yahoo messenger using a suitable program developed in c# or

the program can interpret commands and feed them to serial port to which your device is connected. The device can similarly communicate back vice-versa.

Developing a device to interface with a PC using a serial port is relatively easier and there are many examples, sample codes in the internet.

is it possible to write code in vb6 for interacting with yahoo messenger. After getting data from yahoo messenger,it will send to serial port.

I do not know C# or how can control the data through internet.

you need to access Yahoo messenger for this, see this link for more info **broken link removed**.

Also search in the internet for VB applications using serial port, there are many projects that can give you an idea.

Have you made the hardware for the project. Your hardware would consist of a mcu connected to a MAX 232 level converter (for RS 232 communications) and several relays to control appliances..

Note: As the device is not standalone (ie: the device will be connected to a PC or a laptop that has access to the internet) , you can probably use a parallel port instead of serial port, this will eliminate the micro-controller, and the hardware will just consist of a opto-isolators, and relays. This will make your project less complicated and with programmming effort required only for developing the Yahoo messenger interface and the parallel port interface using VB.

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