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hi, everyone here, I try to install RedHat7.3 to PC, I use

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Jan 29, 2002
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make bootable hdd

magicPartition to setup a 4G size for the Linux, when I reboot the PC after done the partition, it still goes back to WIN2K system, and I don't know how to get into that linux partition section so I can load my Linux installation disc....

can anyone kind explain to me?


B :eek:

you obviously didn't install a boot loader (lilo, grub or loadlin)
or did you??

lilo with Win NT or Win2K?

Installation procedures are different than other Wins....

You must boot with NT bootloader, and then to
choose OS which you want to load - Win 2K or

There are 2 ways to make bootable HDD with
WinNT (2K and XP) and Linux with lilo...
1. with bootable fdd diskette or CD-rom
2. with NT bootloader

2-nd method is better, but there are some
particularities in installation...

Installation is dangerous, coz if you make a mistake
your 2K will not boot, until you repair it.

redhat 7.3

you can boot it with boot disk that you make when you install redhat 7.3.

Just boot it again with your Linix installation disk - the next step of the installation will ask you what partition you want to install on and you select the new Linux partition.

Later in the installation it'll give you the option of installing LILO to allow selectable boot of various OS's - but I can't remember how this interacts with W2K Boot Manager. When I set up a system with Linux and NT years ago I used a separate boot program under NT to load a linux image - loadlin I think.

Hope this helps.... :D

use the grub loader instead of lilo (it is more user friendly). I dont have any problems with the installion. I have windows me, 2000 & redhat 7.3 running comfortably on my machine & dual booting is possible.

One more thing. Remember to turn on the LBA option while loading linux. If you still have any problems you can pm me.


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