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Hex data file to Intel hex file converter software

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Jan 10, 2006
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hex data converter

Does anyone know if there is converter software that can do this?

intel hex file

**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

if that is what you are looking - try and report back result.


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Sophi said:
Does anyone know if there is converter software that can do this?

you can use s-record, a very powerful tool.


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Thank you for the link-
It might be what I am looking for. I have tried this software and I get an error upon run. I don't even get a chance to input something! I am running Windows 98 SE so there should be no conflict.

with win 98

you need to exit to dos first

then use bin to hex .exe to convert in dos mode

a better idea is to look for a freeware tool for eprom programming
that runs under windows

these tools usualy have all the needed converters and also run from a dos window within wintendo or from an ide of there own

so... to set up an exit to true dos

you need only adjust the dosprompt.pif file in the windows dir
you can do ths by edit its properties {right click it choose properties}

and change the settings
so when you exit to dos the machine will reboot in dos

to exit type exit {not the same as shell mode}

once your in dos

type the name of the program + /?

like this binhex /?
this will give you a help file from any exe in dos

{well most well written dos apps do this{any dos program like copy format etc etc...}

same as most bios flash utils use /? for switches help
if you open a dos window and type copy /?

youll see what i mean

now you'll have a list of all the switches the exe uses to convert
and the method it uses as to parse its data /command string
when you run it

a good trick is to make a copy of the dosprompt shortcut {win98se >}

to your working folder

edit its properties and where it says 'start in' just add the full path to your working folder and apply the change

now when you open this shortcut the prompt will open with the right path first time

to add

1} most 3rd party dos exe's used in windows 98se dont like the shell
2} keep it simple path names to working folder like c:\workd is a good name
windows se dosnt like long path names like C:\Program Files\Labcenter Electronics
instead need abreviated to C:\Progra~1\Labcen~1\ etc
3} use true dos mode for old stuff pre pentium 2 that isnt in an ide
4} dont use the dos window in win98 its buggy and can cause problems


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Thanks for the long detailed help VSMVDD.
I found this software called WinHex and am using a trial version. It works great!
*edit and yes my DOS window is buggy!!!

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