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Help Pls. !! Probs with PIC12F675 ....

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Oct 6, 2005
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pic12f675 sleep

Hi ....

I am using PIC12f675 for my application and need help for this ....

For a module in my application i am using the ADC of this controller for input voltage conversion and compare this input voltage with the predeined value and to indicate for the battery low condition ....

However this is tobe done only once and then the microcontroller has to go in SLEEP mode. Next time to check for the same ... the power is CUT OFF and then again the supply is given.....

Now the problem i m facing is that, for the first time ....the conversion and comparision is done well ... however the next time the supply is given, it does not work .... i feel as if the controller is not coming out of SLEEP or is HANGED ... (but thats not possible right ??? :?: ... on POWER ON RESET ... the controller has to work normally ... shouldnt it ???)

Also note that before putting the controller in SLEEP mode ... i m setting all GPIO pins to HIGH ... so that the current in the SLEEP mode is minimum ...

Pls. help ....
Thanx in advance ...


pic12f675 sleep mode

What wakes up the micro?
Or maybe I should ask, are you sure the micro wakes up?
If it does the job properly once, it should work the second time around. I would check if there is uninitialized RAM locations that are later used to do the checking or something that could produce a different result.

can you upload you software (.asm ) to chek'it please

I think that the microcontroller is not properly shut down before u start it agin.
Give it a proper time so that the voltage across the controller is zero. I mean that if u r using a large capacitor in ur supply then it is possible that the controller is not properly shutting down before u start it agin, because the ram retention voltage is very low.
I hope it helps u.

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