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Help on Power Supply (Both AC and DC)!!!!!!

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Jan 2, 2013
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Hi All,
I would like to design Power Supply that accepts the both supply AC (85-265Vac) and DC (24Vdc) as an Input.

First of all, I am looking some practical book that has different power supply circuits or basic requirements to design power supply.
So plese suggest some useful book for the same.

My Power Supply design requirements (very basic, not a technical) : -

(1.) Power supply should accept both AC (85-265VAC) and DC (24VDC) power supply. (In other words, can we put some kind of jumper or switch to use both mode AC and DC.)
(2.) Power supply output should be 24Vdc (might be more then 24Vdc, not decided yet) and 5Vdc in both the cases (AC supply input and DC supply input.).
(3.) I need 5Vdc output priore to 24Vdc. (How can I do this?)

I will update my post on requirements for load and etc......

Thank you,

That's a pretty wide ranging spec on the input voltage, I would expect that to cause real problems if you want to design this power supply from scratch. You might be able to buy something of-the-shelf for the mains spec and some power supplies do also accept dc but whether you can get one that goes down as far as 24Vdc is the question. A quick scan of the range from RS shows that it is common to find a wide range of ac input available that matches your requirement but when you factor in the dc requirement they tend to have a lower limit around 80Vdc.

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