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[Help Needed] How to lower current that goes to the motor?

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May 16, 2011
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My project involves the use of Thermoelectric Generators (TEG). I harness energy and I use this to power a power window (the one used in cars). I might use servo instead too. But my problem is that the current that the motor needs is high and the current I get from the TEG is just 0.8 A. Does anyone have any ideas on how this should be done?

Another question is how to lower the current that goes into the motor?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Search for "solar engine" on the web. It use a solar cell to charge a cap. When the cap is charged to a certain level, it flush it's stored energy through the motor.

This is the only solution I can think of that might work.

Another possible solution is to use switchmode to reduce the power to the motor, but it's a great possibility that the motor won't move then.

if you try to reduce or limit the motor current , it may not be able to pull the load.

you can try some techniques only if it is in no load at start.

it is advisable to select a differnt motor with the reqd current rating of 0.8a , in your case.

To lower current to a motor, use a power BJT transistor in series placed between the current source and the motor.
Use a low-pass filter and a PWM signal from a microcontroller to vary the gate voltage into the power BJT transistor. In turn this will vary the emitter current to the motor.

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