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Help needed for PCB designing

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Mar 1, 2011
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I'm designing a PCB using Diptrace software on a single layer design, but after routing, I found that there's alot of paths which are not connected. It requires additional jumpers to connect those paths.

I've tried to place the components on different places, but it still end up the same. And this is my circuit: Top Layer Single.jpg

Any advice to solve this?

You are enable auto routing option... Jus disble that.. it will show what you are drawn by manually...

guys, is there any way to do manual routing efficiently?

Many thanks.

Experience helps solve the manual routing issues but it may not be possible within a given set of design rules. You use components as 'jumpers' and often have to use a round-about route to make connections. Placement is critical. If you really need it to be single sided then re-arranging the pins where possible can help.


A brief look on your design clarifies, that it can't be fully routed on a single layer with the present technology (trace width and spacing). Furthermore I notice, that it has exactly one bypass capacitor (near the voltage regulator) and none at other chips. So there may be serious doubts, if the circuit is working reliably this way.

There's a certain chance, that reassigning the processor pins according to routing requirements, as mentioned by Keith, may help. But you would badly want a better ground net wiring and supply bypassing.
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