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help needed for adaptive modulation based on FER

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Aug 28, 2009
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Hello , i am doing a project on adaptive modulation based on frame error rate with convolutionaly coded data , and i need to have a relationship between SNT and constellation size M which will give the adaptivity .

i have come to a relationship but i dont know if its correct or not , my supervisor hasnt been here for more than a month and he doesnt reply to emails .

i need a code to find a graph between the spectral efficiency and SNR . and i desperately need help , as i will be submitting my report in two weeks time.
Any help / suggestions will be much appreciate.

Cheers and peace ,,

I asked for help about two weeks ago but nobody answered , however i came up with a few results myself , and i am proud of it ,

the results can be easily achieved on maple , if you consider the channel model described in Andrea's Goldsmith's book and adopt a frame based approach considering iid errors in every frame . the idea is to find the spectral efficiency using the results based on adaptive coded modulation but again with a frame based approach.

Yes i am glad that i did it myself and my supervisor is happy with me ,

But , i was expecting a lil bit of help here which was a bit disappointing, but it freaked me out and motivated me to study and search more about the topic .
thanks for that guys ,
but I am willing to help anyone who is working in this field.

Thanks and Regards ,
Muhammad Ali ,
King's College ,London

I have been struggling to simulate spectral efficiency of MIMO, I have been done simulations for bit error rate and capacity, but could not get idea to simulate spectral efficiency. Any help to guide how to simulate spectral efficiency of any communication system, would be highly appreciated. Thanks. My email is k4khan2010(at)

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