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Apr 14, 2006
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Hi everybody, i'm working on my thesis: "implementation of jpeg2000 encoder on altera de2 board" but i don't know how to get a picture from computer and put it onto DE2 Board for compression it and transfer it back to computer to show the result. So I hope to get help from you. I need your help so much. Thank you very much. My mail is:

As a part of your project you r working with DCT core(block size is 8* available in Xilinx core generator.For dct core u need to give the pixel values sequentially. to read the values from an image file and giving those values to the dct core...
i.e.for converting image to the numeric value you have to use using MATLAB you can do it.
first convert the image in matrix form.
then convert it in indexed image in which values can vary from 0 to 127.
your image would be of greater you can partitioned it into blocks of size 8X8.then you can use 1 block at a time.then convert each value in the binary form.
now you can give these values(8 bits) rowwise on every clk pulse to the DCT block.
after 94 clks you will get the output columnwise serially.

using matlab u get the pixel values as binary values and stored the values in a memory and applied it to the DCT core .


Thank for your reply, but i'm working on jpeg2000 which using DWT not DCT(used in jpeg) and i don't know how to transfer an image from PC to de2 board via serial port.

To send the data throug a serial port is the slighest problem.
Wavelet transform is not a problem too -
you can look at the proper Matlab toolbox.
The problems are:
- buffering large array of the image in FPGA
- slicing and traversing pixels of the transformed image
- algebraic coding
- resulting file forming.
The another problem is
there is none good and free explanation of the coding algorithm details.
You must take some C-JPEG-coder program and examine it carefully.
As an well suited result
you can implement such a C-program
(or its parts) in the
built in microprocessor core in FPGA.

Hi babydance
I have written a matlab code for mq encoder of jpeg 2000, but i need to test it.
Can any one help me? I don't know how to test it as it is only a small part of the jpeg2000 which means that i can't test it on an image.

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