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Help me with mtech university project

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red roses

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Aug 22, 2007
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i am in final year study and im searching for my project..can anyone help me with my project must contain microcontroller and use 3 phase searching all the circuits such as interface circuit,reverse-forward circuit,control motor circuit and many more..please help me and give someidea to me what project im gonna do..:?:


hi i am too in fional year can u help me out to find project, on networks and embeded system design

Re: project..

I don't know exact specification for your project but here is the idea...
Use Relays, you can get relays that use dc power to energize the coil... and the contacts,when closed will conduct AC. Now use any microcontroller that you can program and tie outputs of the microcontroller to the coils... Use supressors (DIACS) because any back arcing will render your microcontroller useless and you might have to step the output voltage up.

I think that using the microcontroller to control a 3 phase motor is really impractical as 3 phase motors are dumb devices... they will run as long as power is suplied to them so every operation will have to be timed. the stepper or servo motors are the way to go.

Also You might want to read about motor starters, as these control motors safely
with thermal overloads, undervoltage detection, and circuit breakers.

Added after 4 minutes:

On the second thought... use optocouplers as theese will totally insolate your microcontroller from the coils.

Re: project..

Hi red roses,

U can do an electronic-elevator. I believe that is easy and u can go farther from the common elevators if you allow your imagine free :D because you will use a micro controller.

Let me know if you like my idea.


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