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Help me to use 16f628A for simulating a mouse

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Jan 20, 2006
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Hello to everyone.

I am trying to use a 16f628a to simulate a mouse.

I know I need a synchronous serial signal for a ps/2 mouse.

Can I use the built in usart on the 16f628A?
If so how do I set it up.

I am looking for code examples ,advice,or cooperation .
Any advice is welcome ,thank you.

16f628A mouse


i know that mikrobasic and mikroc compiler
have ps2 library

i think u can use it

hope that helped u

by the way these 2 compiler generate asm code too


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Re: 16f628A mouse

Mikroc looks good but it's a demo version and I have no $$ .
I think it will work for the 16f628a because the memory is not much over 2k.
I have a lot of work for my little PIC .

Do you know any free compiler with ps/2 libraries or another way to do this?

Linux programs are ok.I like using Ktechlab.

I know all the assembly instructions but not the special register bits and stuff.
When I get my program wrote I will be sure to post it.

16f628A mouse

i told u before that
this compiler convert c code which u wrote into asm
so u can get the asm code and use it in any comipler
u can also use mplab with c code


Re: 16f628A mouse

I forgot to thank you ,How rude of me.
I have already got my program wrote in mikroc but I need to verify it.
I could not use ps2send so I'm using usuart library.
mikroc does not integrate well with mpasm the asm is missing portion,and it has line numbers .Here is the code I have so far...

unsigned short byte0, byte1, byte2;
//11 bit byte
//low start bit
//odd parity bit
//hi stop bit
//2400 bps

void main() {

  CMCON  = 0x07;     // Disable analog comparators (comment this for PIC18)
  TRISA  = 0x3f;
  TRISB  = 0x03;
  INTCON = 0;        // Disable all interrupts
  Usart_Init(56000); // Init uart
//  Delay_ms(100);     // Wait for keyboard to finish
//   D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0
//1st YV XV YS XS 1 0 R L
//2nd X7 X6 X5 X4 X3 X2 X1 X0
//3rd Y7 Y6 Y5 Y4 Y3 Y2 Y1 Y0

//L Left Button State (1 = pressed down)
//R Right Button State (1 = pressed down)
//X0-X7 Movement in the X direction
//Y0-Y7 Movement in the Y direction
//XS Direction of the movement in the X axis (1 = UP)
//YS Direction of the movement in the Y axis (1 = LEFT)
//XV,YV Overflow of the movement data bits (1 = overflow has occured)

 byte0.f0=PORTA.f0;  //L
 byte0.f1=PORTA.f1;  //R
 byte0.f2=0;         //D2
 byte0.f3=1;         //D3
//don't move if both or neither switch is on
   if(PORTA.f2&&!PORTA.f3)byte0.f4=1;  //XS=up
   if(PORTA.f3&&!PORTA.f2)byte0.f5=0;  //XS=down
//don't move if both or neither switch is on
   if(PORTA.f4&&!PORTA.f5)byte0.f4=1;  //YS=left
   if(PORTA.f5&&!PORTA.f4)byte0.f5=0;  //YS=right
 byte0.f6=0;     //no overflow
 byte0.f7=0;     //no overflow
//rb1=clk rb0=dt
If any thing is incorrect or missing please let me know.
I want to use as few external parts as possible.
I hope I have a nice long thread that results in a working device.:D

Re: 16f628A mouse

Major trouble writing this code.
Mikroc won't do the parity bit.
A C library for doing this would be a blessing.
Doing this in asm will drive me cracy(er).
The link has some very neat code but it is not exactly what I had in mind.
I want to use the ps/2 port .
It may be impossible to simulate with my current setup.


I will keep trying .
I have a really good circuit idea.
It is an eye position sensor .
It uses infrared .
I have already proven it will work but I have not tried it with a modulated signal to block out ambient light.
Also ,I'm not sure but it may burn out your eyeballs.
If someone can help me I will share more details.

Re: 16f628A mouse

O.K. I went back to the data sheet.

Can someone help with my code?

Here are my mouse functions so far.
void init9()
// baud rate
txsta.sync=1;//synchrous mode
rcsta.spen=1;//set clk and dt lines  Serial Port ENable
txsta.csrc=1;//master mode
txsta.tx9=1;//select 9 bit
void send9(unsigned short byte)
txsta.txen=1;//transmit enable
txreg=byte;//send byte
void parity(unsigned short byte)
         swapf   FARG_parity, w
        xorwf   FARG_parity, f
        rrf     FARG_parity, w
        xorwf   FARG_parity, f
        btfsc   FARG_parity, 2
        incf    FARG_parity, f
txsta.tx9d=!byte.f0;      //put bit in 9th bit register
I know C much betteer than asm .

Do I need to set up a recieve function for usart on ps/2?

I have the circuit I am going to use.
I will share it when I boot back to linux.

Re: 16f628A mouse

Here are 2 circuits that I can't find online anymore .
Maybe they will help someone wanting to do this.
I want to write my own code so I can add some to it .
I will probably use the 16f628a.
These use the 16f84

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