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Help me make a small keypad for mobile

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Nov 20, 2005
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please any one can help me in making keypad(manual)making
send her help:keypad must be small size(for mobile)or show to me keypad to buy it and send cost of it(important low cost)
and send interfacing code with C langugue
send your help in my email
thx for all

code for qt60161

This is not a simple question, you must specify what be a month quantity, if you will make 3 keyboard per month is one's, if you will make a 100 or more is other one. What is for you low cost, the cost is directly connect to the quantity. What be a product, what must be a exterior of the keyboard. Very easy construction you can see below, but the cost is not lowest, this is suitable for low series. Another way is using keyboard like in a mobill phone or calculators, you will have a sensor's pad on your pcb and must buy the keyboard, you can buy it from many different place. Other choice is using the flat printed keyboard, many companys manufacture a standard configuration.
About C source, how many key will have the keyboard and how will be organized the key, for example if you have 12 key, the can be in matrix 3x4, 4x3, 6x2, 4x4 ....or directly 12 outputs ....

3x4 foil keypad

1_4x4 matrix
please show detail of picture as pdf

Re: make of keypad

you can use ICs like as QT60161 or similar from Quantum( ,there is no mechanical part,easy to build ,I think price is can see prices in digikey.

Re: make of keypad

But there are not a nothing special, i make this picture to explain the idea. Your case have a hole ... OK ..... i will make 3D model for you, i hope you will understand, but this is suitable for small quanity or in special cases.
Top side this is regular foile for printing wit one side adhezive. Over printing you can put the transperant foil to protect image, the quality is a very good, and ths metod is good if you have device whit several /3-4/ button, and you like to make a good front panel.

Re: make of keypad

try this

make of keypad


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