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Help me in designing 30-512Mhz power amplifier

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Jan 17, 2013
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Hi,my self Pradeep doing M-Tech in RF comm.I have taken Power amplifier for my final sem project. It's specifications are Freq range 30-512Mhz, power supply is 7.5V and 1.2A. Input power -5dbm(0.316mW). output power is 5W. with this i also need to achieve IMD3,ACPR,NF etc. I am using AWR tool for my design. So please
1)help me to choose some commercially available transistor for my design(I have chosen L2711 transistor is it okay). Because i need to fabricate it,so i need commercially available transistor.
2)what type of matching technique can i use. I cannot use Lumped element. I cannot use Strip line because of high wavelength. As i studied, I can use baluns and coaxial transformer matching network.But i am not finding any materials which explains how to implement it. So if u know any material let me know. can i use any other type of matching networks.
3) Can i use push pull amplifier structure or single transistor is enough. How many stages i may need to get my output.

Please help me friends i am reaching my dead line. please.

So your input power is 7.5 X 1.2 = 9W and your power out = 5 W. Basically It can not be done in class A. It can not be done in class B, A you want a linear amp, class C is out , so it looks like a class D. Also 5 W and 50 ohms = V^2 = 5 X 50 = 250 , V ~16V, So you need 16V rms or 40V p-p. So with a 7.5 V Vcc, you will need a wide band transformer to get your voltage swing big enough for a 50 ohm load. All of this is too advanced for me :-(

You can use Mini product ZHL-20W-13+, but it needs +24V/2.8A.

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