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Help me identify this 3.5mm socket please.

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May 23, 2011
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Hello everybody :)
I'm modding a hi fi ath ad700 headset to take a gaming microphone.
The microphone in question is an astro gaming a40 mic.
The 3.5mm jack is slightly different to the norm, It has a small dome on it, that obviously pushes into the female chassis, and then can rotate.
However for the life of me I can not identify what female 3.5mm jack i require that can take the dome.
I would greatly appreciate any help, i'm in the uk if that helps.
Kind regards,


I guess, that the 3.5 mm part fits a standard socket, so the problem is with the additional part. It can't be seen from your photo, if it has an electrical or mechanical only function. It looks like a proprietary design however, I won't expect to find a suitable retail part.

Hi FvM and thanks for the prompt reply.
The 3.5mm part don't sit correctly in a standard socket as the pin is slightly shorter due to the additional part(silver dome).
It serves no electrical function, only mechanical which allows the boom of the mic to be rotated through the holding cup of the socket. I have seen quite a few booms with this design. However not the socket, as you say it may be not available at retail.
Thanks again for replying.

I've never seen such a plug. Looks like a great idea. Lends more durability to those little plugs.

You may have success by using a three conductor 1/8 inch jack. The kind used in stereo hookups.

Don't know if you need the type with or without the tiny springy contacts which automatically disconnects speakers when you plug in headphones.

Your plug's tip may not reach the far contact (typically for the L channel).
However it may be at the proper position to touch the closer contact (typically for R channel).

It should give you normal ground connection. The enlarged dome will sit just outside the jack.

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