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Help me find solution for these logics

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Mar 11, 2006
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plz helpme

hello guys
plz help me in solving these logics

a ladder logic program to extend and retract a cylinder after a start button is pushed. There are limit switches at the ends of travel. If the cylinder is extending if more than 5 seconds the machine should shut down and turn on a fault light. If it is retracting for more than 3seconds it should also shut down and turn on the fault light. It can be reset with a reset button.

This morning you received a call from Mr. Ian M. Daasprate at the Old Fashioned Widget Company. In the past when they built a new machine they would used punched paper cards for control, but their supplier of punched paper readers went out of business in 1972 and they have decided to try using PLCs this time. He explains that the machine will dip wooden parts in varnish for 2 seconds, and then apply heat for 5 minutes to dry the coat, after this they are manually removed from the machine and a new part is put in. They are also considering a premium line of parts that would call for a dip time of 30 seconds, and a drying time of 10 minutes. He then refers you to the project manager, Ann Nooyed. You call Ann and she explains how the machine should operate. There should be start and stop buttons. The start button will be pressed when the new part has been loaded, and is ready to be coated. A light should be mounted to indicate when the machine is in operation. The part is mounted on a wheel that is rotated by a motor. To dip the part, the motor is turned on until a switch is closed. To remove the part from the dipping bath the motor is turned on until a second switch is closed. If the motor to rotate the wheel is on for more that 10 seconds before hitting a switch, the machine should be turned off, and a fault light turned on. The fault condition will be cleared by manually setting the machine back to its initial state, and hitting the start button twice. If the part has been dipped and dried properly, then a done light should be lit. To select a premium product you will use an input switch that needs to be pushed before the start button is pushed. She closes by saying she will be going on vacation and you need to have it done before she returns.
You hang up the phone and, after a bit of thought, decide to use the following outputs and inputs,

I/1 - start push button
I/2 - stop button
I/3 - premium part push button
I/4 - switch - part is in bath on wheel
I/5 - switch - part is out of bath on wheel
O/1 - start button
O/2 - in operation
O/3 - fault light
O/4 - part done light
O/5 - motor on
O/6 - heater power supply
Draw the program for the process using LAD.

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