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Help me develop an elevator controller board

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Dec 11, 2005
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Everyone hello

I am trying to develop an elevator controller board
Can enyone help me? any suggestion ? links where can i find diagrams?
Is it easy to realize ? difficult? very hard?
If anyone has a good schematic , i can discuss , maybe i will bye it !

Waiting for responses

elevator schematic

Safety will be the major concern of customers. Another is who is going to buy it. The elevator companies already have their own controllers that meet their needs.

elevator controller

Control the elevator is a easy, but if you want to make a good product you must implement many extras, RFID card, Remote control and monitoring etc. You must support min. 4 base regime of works, you must support the AC motor invertor and feedback sensors.
The safety is in the first place, i looked two different concept, using a microcontroler and using CPLD.
The best way is to make review of several different controller, get they best parameters, and after then talk with company who made the elevators. In this point i am cant agree the flatulent, not all company have the own controller, many of the company buy the controllers. Several months ago i make research in thes area, as a customer, and i think to same,different companys have own controllers, but to turn out wrong.

elevator controller price

What's the algo used in elevator?

standard elevator controller schemetics

Why you do not use PLCs like as S7-200 which are low cost and easy to networking ,and have good quality in manufacturing,it also add credit to your design.

elevator controller design


I think you must check local and international regulations first. Later, it would be very difficult to validate or get and approval for a product that has not designed with this requirements in mind.
I like the idea of using a PLC, but a S7-200 is NOT fail safe. In this case, you could use an external watchdog, but check regulations.

Best regards


about algoritam of work, there are several basic type of work, but i don't know the right term in english, i try to explain :
1. Adding passenger in Up direction
2. Adding passenger in Down direction
3. Adding passenger in Both direction
4. Work only point to point
5. Adding passenger in both direction together

What i have a mind. Adding, this is when you left 1-st floor but in second and third floor others passengers push the button. If you go up, and they also want to going up, elevator stop on the next two floor to collect them. This is a one way adding. If elevator stop to pick up the passenger no matter of they direction up/down this is a two way adding, but not number 3, this is #5 but this regime is not very popular. If elevator collect the passenger in two direction up and down, this is the #3.
#4 is when elevator travel point to point, without collecting the passenger .

But this is only about elevator move. Another option is .... possibility to move without power, when you lost the power the elevator can travel to the next floor, if you travel from 6 to 1 and you have power fail between 3 and 2 the elevator will be stop in the 2 flour.

Another option is connection to an antifire system, when you have a fire alarm, elevator must go to 1-st flour stay with open doors.

Actually this is a only part of the requirements.

elevator controller schematic

All what you have said is good and true, but all you have said is theoretic
the cases you mensioned are well known as "Collective Down" , "Collective up" and "full collective", point to pint is known as " blocked travel".
What i need is how to make all this theory in practice, wich machines do i need ? the components ? and if it is easy to realize or it must only be realized in big companies?!
You can look at turkish controller ARL-200 and ARL 500 " ARKEL "at :

Best regards

pcbs for elevator controllers

this is not difficult to realize, but i never not made the controller for elevator, i many years working in industrial automation, and design different controller, but not have design for elevator, princip of works of all is too same. To make this controller you must have knowledges in electronics and automation, different type of sensors etc. The software is a easy part, hardware is more complex because controller must be a very reliable.
I know 3 different companies in Bulgaria, that make controller for the elevators, i know and several EU companies. If you no have a knowledges in electronics and automation the better choice is contract with engineering company, this i easy for me, but for beginner will be a really difficulty.
I can help you to solve some problem, but if you want I say exactly how must work, and what type of part you must use, this is equal to design on myself this project

schematic for 1 floor elevator

Hi ,

Arkel is using 16F877 microcontroller and 93C46 for their elevator control boards. Also there are a plenty of 74HC595 and 74HC597 chips on the board...

74HC595 is used to read the inputs such as floor buttons , 74HC597 is used to driveoutputs..

İf u are interested in this topic you have to look at the site..Their products is more pro then the other companies..

Added after 1 minutes:

Sorr the link should be w**

french elevator control boards

Yes i know this company , but never used their products
what do you think about realization of such product ? is it very dificult?
if it must be made in big machines like ones that produce chipset in chinese companies , so it s an impossible mission for me !!
otherwhise, if we can realize it by hand; so if someone can supply me with diagrams , i will appreciate.
Best regards

arkel arl-200s

i see that you have not the idea of the electronic industry, i try to explain.
The controller, if you see as hardware, and manufacturing is the smallest problem. Many company in Turkey, in Bulgaria or Taiwan may manufacture this for you. If you want this can make form yourself, or can rent the people, 2-3 people is enough for 100 pcs per month. And if you use only conventinal component, or SMT with a not very small grid, you need only the soldering station.
The PCB in all case must order to a manufacture, but this is not problem.
All this you can make very easy, for this you not need to have very good knowledges in electronics.

But this is the easy part, actually this is not easy, but you can do it. For the schematic and PCB project, and software you must have a good knowledges in electronic,in automation and microcontrolers. The better choice is finding the company that develop user electronics, and work with them. The price for design can be very different in different companyes, for example, if i must design this controller the price will be between 5.000 and 10.000 $ depend of your needs, this is the price with all right over the projects. I know that have company that will make the project for 1000 or 2000$. When yo choice the company, you must be sure that product will be suitable for production, many company can create the prototype, but very often this is only prototype not suitable for mass production, without reliability analysis EMC compabilities etc.

The custom electronics, in this area is a expensive, this is not garage door controller or lighting controller, from this controller can be depend the human life, you must think about this.

down collective elevator

U may program with XilinX 8.1 ISE

Re: Elevator Controller

can someone help me in using plc in elevator....please send me some sample ladder type 4 level floor diagram...i'll gladly appreciate your help...

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