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help me anyone? please, if you have alredy made

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Sep 12, 2009
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hy all, i'm new here, i dont know c or assembler, but if i have the code, i could write in my mcu and...the toy is done... So, i need a code or already compiled for sending AT commands to mobile phone when i put one pin at the ground. I sow many exaplmes here, but nothing alredy done for what i need... also, i need tu tell me what mcu and what phone i must use.. Thank you very much.

I think that you need is very simple, but will not find exactly how you need. You need modify a sample code to do this, and at this point a knowledge in c language is necessary.

Try the PIC16F84A and a Nokia 6610 mobile phone. These are the simplest devices you can ever find.
The Nokia 6610 has a serial cable that can be connected to the PC serial port.
You will cut the cable and connect the phone to the microcontroller directly.

Hope this helps.


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i understand but i need that code.. anybody who can help me? plss?

i am doing the same project. but mine is kinda complicated abit as

i am using Hi-Tech c language and using PIC16f877a

i am using sony erriscon T630 model.

first you would need to know what is AT command then u need to fidn sony erricson cable is kinda hard to find

and u would need a MAX232 circuit as a voltage convertor/regulator as the cable and the PIC doesn't have the same voltage.

if u dun mind u can Pm me and tell me what u got and we can do this project together

yes, is a bit more complicated, but i saw many projects without max converter. now i have a sony ericcson 628 and a1018. a understant thats working without pic without max... am i right?

Check this topic. I think you will find everything you need there.

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