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help finding special molex for 15A current


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Sep 12, 2019
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Hello , I have Header 12 Pin 2x6 2.54mm SMD shown below.
this connector is suited for 3A top current ,i want to connect thew a molex connector 5 amplifiers so its 15A.
How can i find such connector ?



It's not clear to me why you are fixed on Molex ... but in this case I'd go to the Molex internet site and look for a selection tool.

It's not the existing connector that determines the really flowing current. The current is determined by the amplifier. But we know nothing about the amplifier.

I'm confused about the shown picture.
* if this is what you are looking for, then it is limited to 3A (as you say). You may use multiple pins for higher current (consider derating)
* if this is not what you are looking for (or want to replace it), it is more confusing than helpful.

Hello Klauss , as an alternative ,Is the a connector device which takes one banana connection and splits it into 5 such connections?
so i'll get my DC power from a banana split into 5?
A banana plug is quite different from a dual row header.

Not sure what you mean by “banana split into 5”. A banana plug with 5 wires?

You seem to be reluctant to give any useful information.
You might look more carefully at what the basis for the contact
rating is, and whether application is different. For example 3A at
85C might let you be OK at 10A, 40C. Or something. I imagine
that aged contact resistance times I^2 melting the body may
be the prime failure mode, but you'd have to do the digging.

The right answer might be to not use skinny little signal
connectors to do a stout binding post's job. Not only the pin
current rating, but also the PCB traces leading to it need to be
checked for true current carrying capacity. And for non-end
connector pins that will be a "neck" for sure.

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