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Help about PCB layout in RF Design.

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Dec 31, 1999
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Which software do you use in PCB layout when you design RF circuit? Is there any inofrmation about how to draw PCB board in RF design? Thanks in advnace.

Hi jack,

personally, i use this technique, i don't know if it is the right or the faster one, but it works!
You may design yor RF subcircuit with your preferred RF simulation program (i use serenade and mwoffice), once got the RF layout, you export it in dxf format to make
it importable by Orcad (or your PCB design
That's all. Once in Orcad, you can provide
connections between the RF subcircuit and
the other stuff (a control section, for example). Orcad in particular has not an RF components layout library, so you have to
design your own.
I repeat, this is my technique, there might
be better ways to do the same, but i hope this could help you.

Bye bye, have good!!


P.S. For this info, make me a me a link to the animated gif of "walking felix" :smile: :smile:

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Thanks a lot. Normally I always use protel several years ago to drow PCB in low frequency. I have never drawn PCB for RF. You know that RF is more different than low frequency. If I meet some problem, I will PM you. Thanks again.

checkout *w*

it has good reference

Actually for RF Board Design, it should be used AutoCAD based SW like CAD-Design..
Because accuracy is very important and AutoCAD has great accuracy. And drawing utilities should be professional..
Other ordinary CAD packages can not provide
flexibility as AutoCAD.For more info.. go to..

See ya..

In Orcad you can "say" the software where are HF wires. Then the programm show you the outlane!

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