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Hello full bridge schematic

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Andrew Lebon

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Dec 2, 2012
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greetings may be this schematic be helpful HAVENT tried it
warm regards
andrew lebon


  • 2x half bridge.pdf
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Hi Kabeer
greetings whats the IC NO connected to led did you make this smps feedback will be appreciated
warm regards
andrew lebon

Be careful about one thing. The output and input sides (primary and secondary sides) are isolated. However both sides use the same ground symbol.

You should use larger bulk capacitors in parallel with C23 and C62. Connect decoupling capacitors across pins 9 and ground of the IR2110s and across pin 15 and ground of the SG3525. Connect a 1k resistor from gate to source of each MOSFET.

Take care with the output voltage regulator connections. The pin numbers are incorrectly labelled. For US9 (LM7815), pin number 1 labelled ADJUST should actually be pin number 2 - Ground. Pin 3 Vin should be pin 1 Vin. Pin 2 Vout should be pin 3 Vout.

Use a freewheel diode across the coil of RELAY2.

Pin 11 of IR2110 may be directly connected to ground without the 10k resistor.

Hope this helps.
You are right tahmid and pin 9 of IR2110 should be the same as vcc


Hi Tahmid
greetings thanks for helping me i am very new to smps picture of my smps self osscilating with my d class amps
have to make higher power smps about 3kw per channel for d class amp i will post some smps schematics just need your approval
which is best to make i can design pcb for smps my 2.5kw smps with IGBT igbt blow but IRF460 IS WORKING but EE55 core is getting hot
warm regards


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greetings can anyone help me out having made the first smps sucessfully the detex 1200 watt one i found a smps on the same topology
only difference is 2 T50 torrids and a extra pair of IRF460 can this work topology is same please can anyone give me suggestions
warm regards
andrew lebon:-?

- - - Updated - - -

top right hand side in post 7 is the working smps of the first schematic posted below in post 8 cant get clear pic of pcb on right the one with 2 torrids
warm regards
andrew lebon


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Why D39 and D40 is required? What is the advantage?

Hi Deepone
Greetings. I have made both your smps both are working but VIPER 12A IC is dropping voltage to 8 volts. I am using TOP 244 for 15 volts DC to IR2153 IC. I am using T50 ferrite core voltage drop is 2 volts on 1000 W + 500W halogen T50 secondary is 70 0 70 AC. Mosfets used IRFP460 1 pair. I have tested with load for 1 hour mosfets barely luke warm. I used 47 ohms gate resistance. Now can I use IGBT for increased power and what is the gate resistor value for IGBT. Some pictures to show my work. Rough PCB I designed but once everything is okay better PCB will be designed. Thank you for all your cooperation and advice. Last I want to ask you which is better T50 core or ETD59. Many thanks for your wonderful schematic and help.

Warm Regards
Andrew Lebon and Sameerx1

P.S. this is for my student Sameerx1 college practical


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