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helllllllllllp pllllllllllllllllz

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Jan 29, 2006
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Peace all,
can anyone help me using visual analyzer,how can i connect leads to my sound card & how to measure.Is there any risks dealing with high measured values?

1} what is this app / tool
2} what sort of voltage ac-dc -pwm

you must be far more specific !!! links info etc ...!
to gain maximum help and responce

many people {professionals} dont use such tools
and plump for hardware like a scope{cheep} or a dvm also {cheep}

but also will provide a strong level of advice on software solutions using pc
so please profuse more info for us all to gain
a better grasp of what you really need ???

here where i downloaded it.


1} with scalers {using some form of attneuator T pad for rf shunt for dc ac}
a decade resisistance box is handy !!!!

you can measure voltages outwith the soundcards range of inputs
and via versa

any soundcard outputs /inputs from its analogue ports
for input 1v p-p line in {peek to peek } for ac
so /.707 to get max dc value

or the mike input is good past this by a factore of 10db - 50db
dependant on the card and how the applet sets it up
most sb cards and codecs even ac97 onboard types
conform to sb 16 bit standard or above

and all have a mike amp also
{from the ones ive used in the past}

for ouput well some soundcards give far more watts of waveform than others some even are hifi amp levels in exess of 15 watts per channel

so high voltage with this type of card is to be respected

any level above 1v p-p audio line level input will blow it up or atleast try to damage it

i recomend that you not only run the software you downloaded

but again read the docs as i see this is mentioned

if you get stuck with translations

its best to type into google the word in questions

for a better explinations {not to insult you sorry}
or use babblefish its the best one online
to translate

some pals tell me its best to try english to a closer language then to native
to get better effectors to your own language

but this is a basic question of level convertion in voltage and current

and how YOU choose to limit both

as for frequency range's

this is around ~ 1hz - 15khz audio ranges

look to the specs for the front end and back end of your card

if its a sblive or audigi use the drivers

they are better for this type of use

but dont expect to then play games with eax and fancy creative native stuff

raw and fast is best for eda machine for study

and keep to this

avoid then complex games in your machine unless they are simple or 8 bit etc sims

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