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Heater controller using complete cycles

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Feb 26, 2011
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I'm planning to power a 350W heating element (quartz) via 230V mains using an SSR **broken link removed**(model EZ240D5).
The heating element has about 550mH inductance.

I originally planned to use a zero-crossing circuit interfaced to a microcontroller to switch on the
element with complete cycles (some cycles skipped to get the correct temperature). However, since the SSR
has a zero crossing circuit for on and off, I presume it doesn't really matter when I switch on the SSR, as long
as I leave it powered on for at least half a full cycle before switching off. That way, I'm guaranteed to
provide time for the SSR to switch on the load, and time for the SSR to switch off the load at the
end of the complete cycle. Is this approach ok, or am I missing something? (I'm not super-familiar with
using SSRs).

Secondly, the heating element (quartz IR QHE) doesn't have a data sheet, so I'm not sure how
quick these things heat up/cool down. Is it likely that the heat will fluctuate too rapidly with this
cycle-skipping method? I plan to experiment and test this out, I just was wondering if anyone already
had knowledge/experience of this. Thanks!

HI sky_123 ,
The quartz element can reach full output in as little as 30 seconds and typically cool down to 50 percent output in under 15 seconds. you can find some info in the following link**broken link removed**
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