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HDMI Interface design

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Apr 22, 2008
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audio input hdmi interface


I am working on a product to add the HDMI interface support on the processor.
I am planing to use the Silicon image SiI9034/9134 HDMI transmitter. the HDMI transmitter input is RGB (or other video format) and audio and out put is TMDS data on the 3-data nd 1-clock differential signals towards the HDMI connector.

Now my question is how can get the RGB data from my processor to connect to the HDMI transmitter input. my processor does not have RGB output signals. what it has is GMII interface , 1XPCI interface, and asynchronous EBC( External peripheral bus interface) (EMIF).

I am looking for a chip
1. which can take PCIe data and converts to RGB and audio data. OR
2. which can take GMII data and converts to RGB and audio data
3. Which can be interface to Asynchronous )EBC) interface and converts the data to RGB compatible data.

That would be even great if you can suggest a Single chip solution which can directly interface with processor and gives TMDS data?

please suggest me if any of you have worked on such bridge solutions. Since I am working first time on the Multimedia I want some one help to understand the system level implementation. please if any one has worked on multimedia and digital display interfaces please help me.

Thank you

hdmi interface signals

Whoa, this is a really tough project man.

I am not aware of any such ICs but I would use a small FPGA between your chip and a DVI/HDMI transmitter. This way, you will have the full control over the data flow. The only problem is the bandwidth that you need to worry about.

/Farhad Abdolian

Hi, are you sure with your subject? "Audio INPUT HDMI interface" ?

Added after 6 minutes:

you can use TW2880 it is a product of Techwell company..

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