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have to select between the two jobs

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Aug 24, 2007
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I have done my masters in RF and Microwave Engg. and am located in India..I hve two offers in hand and have to choose which one to join...One is that of a Software Embedded Engineer that require extensive coding..and I HATE the ides of writing programs all...thts probably why I pursued a masters in RF. I wanted to get into RF but rite now it seems difficult to get into an RF based job...especially as a fresher. Also, the number of companies doing RF hardware design in India is not very large....The second offer is that in a, I didnt ahve a lot of idea in terms of what they do, so I checked the net...ans as far as I said that technical in-depth skills were required for the job...and KPO was the next big thing in India...Money is not a deciding factor as there is hardly any difference in the pay package I'm being offered in both...I am confused about which job to choose and since I would be switching whatever job I take in a year or two...I am a li'l confused as to which ine I should opt for. Also, does any1 have an idea how working for 2 years in a KPO can be of help?? I mean, is it going to help if I wanted to work anywhere else but a KPO??? Logically, I should go for the embedded job but .....I'd be grateful for any other insights or advise..thnx

I think that the embedded systems is a promising filed all over the world especially in the field of automotive.

I am confused about which job to choose and since I would be switching whatever job I take in a year or two..

well then, i guess it really doesn't mater that much. besides, just because you accepted one job doesn't mean you have to STOP looking for a better job!

anyway, if you're going technical route, i would chose the path that gives you the most self worth. india may be KPO destination of today but it could be africa tomorrow. having useful skills will keep you employed longer.

good luck

Thnx a lot for the replies..

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