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Harmonic Balance simulation of an IQ mixer

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May 3, 2015
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For one of my project work, I want to simulate a simple circuit of an LNA and an IQ mixer used in down conversion mode. I downloaded and installed vendor component directory but they have not given direct modules for this specific IC in ADS. So I used data-item and s-parameter file for LNA and Mixer2 model for mixer. I have attached the schematic of my circuit. I want to do harmonic balance simulation. I have followed few blogs on the internet on how to do it and generated the attached schematic view in ADS but I am not sure if its the correct way to represent an IQ mixer. I also used few examples in Design Guide for single-ended mixer simulations. However there are no examples for IQ mixer simulation. I want to see conversion loss, port-to-port isolation and output spectrum for each path I and Q.

I provided different parameters for Mixer2 module from the datasheet of that mixer. Please let me know how if its the correct way to model an IQ mixer. Also, how to transfer conversion gain/isolation parameter to data display. I can see in Mixer Design Guide, each test case generates different plots e.g. conversion gain, port isolation and all. How these plots are generated.

Please help. New HB simulations

Thanks, Board2.pngIQ Mixer.PNG

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