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hard handover and soft handover

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syed intisar haider

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Aug 25, 2005
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soft handoff and hard handoff

what is the difference between the hard handover and soft handover where it is used why it is used

what is the difference in GSM and CDMA in this context

thx alot

badly needed help in this regard

soft handover and hard handover

Hi Syed,
These are UMTS Handovers.
There are following categories of handover (also referred to as handoff):

Hard Handover:
Hard handover means that all the old radio links in the UE are removed before the new radio links are established. Hard handover can be seamless or non-seamless. Seamless hard handover means that the handover is not perceptible to the user. In practice a handover that requires a change of the carrier frequency (inter-frequency handover) is always performed as hard handover.

Soft Handover:
Soft handover means that the radio links are added and removed in a way that the UE always keeps at least one radio link to the UTRAN. Soft handover is performed by means of macro diversity, which refers to the condition that several radio links are active at the same time. Normally soft handover can be used when cells operated on the same frequency are changed.

Softer handover:
Softer handover is a special case of soft handover where the radio links that are added and removed belong to the same Node B (i.e. the site of co-located base stations from which several sector-cells are served. In softer handover, macro diversity with maximum ratio combining can be performed in the Node B, whereas generally in soft handover on the downlink, macro diversity with selection combining is applied.

for more info checkout this link:

difference between hard handoff and soft handoff

thx alot gowde

i m highly thank full to u

hard handoff vs soft handoff

I will make the handover definitions simple

Hard Handover:- When mobile(in Call) switches to a new sector/Cell which is on different frequency , then it performs hard Handover. It is basically an inter-frequency handover.

SOft Handover:- When mobile ( in Call0 switches to a new sector/cell which is on the same frequency then it is called a soft handover. If the "new" sector is also from the same BTS then it is called a softer handover.

UMTS networks omplements all types (Hard/Soft/Softer) of handovers.


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