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Guitar Circuit needed

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Sep 20, 2002
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piezo guitar circuit

I've got an old acoustic guitar that I would like to add a pick-up to.
I remember seeing a circuit in a magazine that used a piezo element and an op-amp. I don't remember which magazine though.
Does anyone have a circuit or a link for a project like this one?
Has anyone done something like this before?
Thanks in advance and cheers!!
:D :D

piezo pickup op amp buffer circuit

Hi MP3Hombre!

I think, inductive pick-up is much better than piezo-element.
Look at simple scheme :

**broken link removed**

Preamplifier and other useful information you will find also there at:

**broken link removed**

Best Wishes & 73! Klug.

Thanks klug!
Are those inductive pickups readily available or could I "roll" my own?


My thoughts - generically speaking, if you are using nylon strings on your instrument, an inductive (magnetic) pickup will not produce any output as it converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy by (ferrous type) metal strings cutting the magnetic lines of force produced by the pickup. A piezo style pickup however converts the mechanical energy of the strings (metal or nylon) including the instrument body into electrical energy by the crystal element itself being bent, squeezed or twisted by the instrument itself.

Bottom line - If you want more of an electric guitar sound from your acoustic guitar, use metal strings and a magnetic pickup. If you want to capture more of the "acoustic" sound, use nylon (or metal) strings and a piezo pickup. I would be glad to assist you in finding a diagram of either or both types if needed.

Many Cheers!

Hi MP3Hombre!

ElecTr is right - the sound will greatly depends of your pick-up type. So if you like rock stile use magnetic, and if you prefer gentle acoustic sound then take piezo element.

I think that it is difficult to make good magnetic pick-up at home. Do not spend your time. Try to find it in shop. Look at some radio second-hand market - it will save your money.

Best Wishes! Klug.

Thanks guys!!

I wouldn't mind if you could provide me with a circuit using either of those.
I would like to experiment as much as possible.


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