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GSM module connected to microcontroller

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Feb 4, 2013
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Hi, I would like to know what would be the best way to connect my microcontroller to a gsm module and what modules would you recommend.

The whole thing this machine has to do is send an SMS to a random phone in the address book so it doesn't need anything additional like internet, data or some high speed stuff.

I was checking the prices for the last two days and couldn't find a module cheaper than 30$ (and with an additional microcontroller and a sim card slot it goes way higher and more problematic to build).
But since all the info I could find was 2years old or older I was hoping the prices have gone down by now.
Thanks :))

you can use sim900 family. this is a popular module and many circuits made with that. I don't have exact prices but I think is about 30$.

Thanks for a very quick reply.
Could I use this one (but without the arduino as that would be 50$ more), and connect it to a battery and a very basic microcontroller and be done with it????

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sim900 don't need arduino. you can use every microcontroller that you want. but that product you mentioned in link is sim900 module and board that compatible with arduino. sim900 module is cheaper if you can build board yourself. I search ebay and found sim900 module in 18$(see below link). search the forum and you can find many useful information.
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Thanks a lot, I'll go with that module/sim/antenna combo then.
Any ideas on what battery to put and how much it could last?

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