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GSM Based Weather Reporting System

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Apr 20, 2015
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I want to build GSM based weather reporting sytem using 8051 with 4-5 different type of sensors like temperature, humidity, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, etc.
i want all basics of this project.
how do i start my project m so confused??
please suggest me i don't have enough experience plzzz ??

i want all basics of this project.

We need all the details to help you better.Like what is the temperature range,what is required accuracy for temp ,speed ,pressure? SO it will help in selection of ADC.

which GSM are you using?It's interface with 8051 is easy just connect your gsm Rx-->controller Tx, gsm Tx--->controller Rx. just write serial communication program and check GSM with AT commands.

Assuming that you are aware with the 8051 programming.Just start with the ADC and connect your sensors to the adc and read the digital data through 8051 and convert them in to their respective parameters .

Search this forum and google you will find how to interface the ADC and GSM with 8051.
I have only two sensors right now which are currently available in my area ..
Humidity sensor
Temp.sensor (LM35).

3 weather parameters are listed.
You can measure 2 of those.
Most of Humidity sensors also give temperature.
If you dont have other sensors, use typical inputs for those sensors, in actual implementation those typical inputs can be replaced by actual sensors.
If you can implement two weather parameters and proper functioning of the project you are done.
Else you can try a sensor or two online.

I have HR202 humidity sensor but i don't have the whole module now i don't know connect this humidity sensor with adc 0808
plzzz help me!!!


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Is the post is really solved? but it has ended with a question? Thought to help a bit..

this thread still not solved my previous question related to humidity sensor was ..
I have HR202 humidity sensor but i don't have the whole sensor module now i don't know connect this humidity sensor with adc 0808 ..meas how can i create this circuit
plzzz help me to find it out??

Instead of using analog sensors better use digital sensor which will reduce the extra process. For humidity there are sensors which can give you combined output along with the temperature try something like that. For example a SHT15.

What about HR202 humidity sensor ? plzz tell me about this sensor how to make circuit

Better ignore this HR202 and go for sensor modules that give ready to use output as advised in earlier posts.
The primary goal is to develop the acquisition system using microcontroller, If one is lost in design, testing and calibration of sensors the focus on the rest of the development is compromised.

ok then i have DHT11 humidity sensor also.. how can i use it???

The interface diagram has been given in the datasheet itself. Just follow the same.123.jpg

1) If you don't have sufficient experience why get into such an advanced project?
2) Start by doing something simple that you understand and find simple.
3) Take the next incremental step of doing things which is combination of things you know and things you can learn easily
4) keep repeating this till you build sufficient expertise to do this project.

There is no charm in building some thing so advanced that its more of spoon feed materials from others!!!

i m confused which part of circuit should be connected with 12v power supply ...i just already connected 5v power supply where ever required..please tell me about 12 v power supply connections??

Are you in a middle of something? Your questions are not quite clear.

Initially you asked about weather station sensors. Now you are asking about power supply. Please be clear about your questions and explain it clearly.

You can get some ideas in my web:
**broken link removed**

yeah i am in middle of my project work... i already interfaced adc(0808), microcontroller (at89s52), lcd(16pin), max232, gsm sim 900 and all connection related to 5v power supply, i did it but still 12 v power supply connections remains left now tell me which part/pin of circuit should be connect and how to connect 12 v power supply with my circuit?

show us schematic and work you have done so far..

Which device need 12v supply in your case its gsm sim900 module need 12 supply and your LDO or 5v regulator need 12v supply rest things work on 5v.

ADC0808, AT89S52 LCD require 5V you can use a 18V transformer with a 7812 and a 7815. 7805 has to be connected to out of the 7812. 7805 powers the LCD, ADC and MCU. If you need 12V for any other device then you can get it from the 7812 out. What sensor are you using for temperature and humidity. DHT11 can't be interfaced to ADC.

i am using lm35 temp. sensor and HR202 humidity sensor but this humidity sensor having 2 legs i have no such complete module now tell how to connect?

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