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[51] GSM Based Temprature Monotring system

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Mar 28, 2014
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as u see in the topic i am doing this project.. using AT89s52 MCU
i am doing the code segment of temperature sensing and gsm sms sending.. and they both works properly independently .. but i am having problem in combining those in a same code.. please help
i am using LM35 and gsm900A
i am attaching both independent working code and the combined code.. please tell me where i am wrong..


  • gsm_header file.txt
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  • CONBINED.txt
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  • TEMP.txt
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  • GSM_SMS.txt
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Are you using Keil ? What MCU are you using and which ADC device are you using ? In gsm_send() function you have to increase delays to atleast 500 ms between AT commands. Please zip and port the complete Keil project files. If you can use mikroC PRO 8051 Compiler (demo version) then I will write a code for you to read temperature using ADC and send the temperature data (string) through GSM as SMS.

- - - Updated - - -

Here I am attaching mikroC PRO 8051 project and Proteus 8.2 SP2 format file. There is bug either in mikroC UART library or in Proteus like if baudrate in code is 9600 bps and in Proteus also 9600 bps then you get garbage data. If in code baudrate is made 4800 bps then it works fine. I have compiled code with 4800 bps baudrate so that it works with Proteus. If it doesn't work in hardware then change baudrate to 9600 bps in code and compile using demo version of mikroC PRO 8051 COmpiler. The code will work fine and it will send temperature value as SMS.

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  • ADC0804 + GSM.rar
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  • adc0804 + gsm sim ss.png
    adc0804 + gsm sim ss.png
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  • ADC0804 + GSM rev1.rar
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