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Good Digital Design Questions

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Jun 29, 2006
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digital design questions

Hi Guy

I composed some good Digital Questions with answes on PDF file.
Please find the attachment.

Shobhit Kapoor

The file is attached in post #11 [alexan_e]

digital questions

Hi Shobitk.

Excellent work. I have no words to tell the quality of your pdf. Hats off to you.
Thanks a lot. May god bless you for your great deed.

digital design questions and answers


Question 40 to 45 does seem to be missing on page 5 in the PDF or its missing for me alone i dont know. Can anyone please cut and paste those questions for me.

Indeed appreciations for good work.
digital design question

Thanks a lot... a great composition. some questions missing please share them!

Also I have one question. Do you have an answer for this?

In CMOS technology, what type of gates are preferred and why? i.e., NAND based logic or NOR based logic to be precise? which among these two is preferred and why?

Trying to get the actual answer for this since long time.

Thanks in advance,
questions on digital design

for the logic the nand gate is better then the nor logic because the nand is faster then nor...............because in transitor level in nand pmos is in parrel but in NOR its in series so ..........NOR take too much time for on off ............because PMOS having hole and that is less mobilty then electron.................
digital viva questions

please provide the resources of all these answers.... i believe it is from

digital questions and answers

ya its from but that was in HTML I converted it and verified the answers.
i done this work for me.and posted here for others.

digital viva ques

This is regarding question about which gates should be preferred.

NAND gates are also preferred over NOR because as the NMOS gates in NAND gates are in series, power dissipation is less as compared to NOR where NMOS are connected in parallel.
digital design tricky questions

Hi ninge. This PDF looks like a collection of tidbits from various engineering web sites, forum discussions, and other lists of "interview questions and answers". To find additional examples, try a Google search for phrases from this PDF.

Hi carrot and vikramc98406. Questions 39 through 45 look fine here. I'm using Acrobat Pro 7.0.8 in Windows.

question bank for digital lois design

Hi all,

I have attached one document.. I think this is the document which Shobhitk uploaded sometime back. So credits to Shobhitk:D

Re: digital design questions

hey shobhtik,

Where is the pdf file related digital tricky question? i didn't get it.. please if you have digital electronics related material so please send me at my mail id

thank you
Jigar Prajapati

Really wonderful Document. Thanks for uploading.

Hello All,
Pl if any one can found more questions on the digital electronics which are not covered in this pdf,thn they can add good questions into this pdf and thereafter pl attached that updated pdf. so that is the really wonderful material for digital fundamentals.I will also try for the same.

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for the doc..... it is very nice.....

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks for the doc..... it is very nice.....

Thank you Shobhitk for your efforts. I have attached a pdf with this post. It contains a few digital design problems often asked in interviews. Please note that it contains questions only.


  • Interview Questions-Digital Design.pdf
    76.3 KB · Views: 308
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