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medallion gold plating kit

i found a set of liquids that can moleculary plate 24 crt gold or 100 % pure silver

safely onto any metal even steel and aluminium copper etc any metal
on the shopping channel on tv

i will look for it again and post the name and company

but it wont be hard to find on the net

i like this idea as it isnt electro plating

so is mutch better
and no impurities

so good for coils and pcb plating for cheeeeeep

good for finnished exibit pieces
or display model or personal never pcb rot model

will plate insitue
with components mounted
and even the solder gets plated
without any shorts
even dssoic chips na bother
stuff intel etc use to plate chips
totaly inert
you can drink it

both of the compounds are non toxic

it was £17 sterling for enough to plate 20 sq feet of steel

granted its not to thick
but very good skin for rf and homebrew TV TX
and plated pcb

also the silver stuff came with it

all as a kit with a few other acessories
and tubs trays
for next to nothing

i will post as i get the details :lol:

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immersion liquid silver plating kit uk


You get what you pay for, I worked for years in a plating shop and I can tell you there is no simple and cheap way to solve the problems you describe - do not do the drinking test - the only practical way to dissolve gold and silver is with cyanide, yeh I know about aqua regia, but that is not practical, anyway if the Immersion/electroless process works the plated surface must be dirt and oxide free, we're talking clean-room clean.


liquid silver pcb

i suppose your write

but this isnt electro plating

and gold will quite happily imalgumate with a few differrent chemicals "inc cyonide"
this solution is very handy for plating finnished projects
to make tham look more astheticaly pleaseing
and the kit did contain a cleaning solution
for treatment before plating
so i guess its swings and roundabouts
unless your building a satalite
in which case
this is not the solution to use :lol:
but handy never the less
to plate for example a copper pcb to gold
to stop the copper degridation and pcb disese we know so well in the trade

it will make it look better and its safe

totaly non toxic
!!! and not cyonide !!!
but something inert ???
i will get the product name etc etc and post details

it is also good to make your own gold plated plugs and sockets

i think you dont quite grasp the process
it uses chemical plating at atomic level

not electro plating

electro plating requires sonic cleaning before hand

heheh but as metal oxide is still metal it will plate it also
so it will plate a dirty surface's but its not recomended

can thin silver flash stop copper migration?

I use silver liquid to silver my HF pcb's for years now and this works very well.
You can just apply the silverliquid to the surface with a piece of cotton and a shiny silberlayer appears.

I have the address for Germany:
Hersteller: U. Drewanz
Rheinstrasse 11
D-5431 Holler

I don't know if they sell in other country's.
The bottle's come's in 100cc, 250cc and 500cc.
The 100cc bottle is about 7 Euro.

To prevent the silver from oxidating use PCB protection spray (Servisol) or ( I juse ) just hairspray!


medallion gold plating kit, uk

yes ultravox

this must be a similar product

im no genius in chemistry but i know aquious gold is only gold nitrate watered down with an accelorator added
{a catylist}

and i have got the time of the next slot on the channel

ill wait and post the details

as it comes as a kit with polish plate and cleaner
containers and cloths for metal etc

for 30 euro is very cheep
as i said it is 500ml of each liquid

very handy for a gold radio
in a clear glass case

im a purist
im sorry
but it makes a diferance to me

as the gold dosnt oxidise much and has a better

for 5 mins more work

or so getting the equivilent gold

it makes a 1000 year dif to how long the thing will last

a pcb coated in gold
will far outlive a pcb coated in silver

and theretically it will last longer
due to less oxidisation
even a 1 or two atom cote is enought to ptotect the copper for years

as for atomic migration ??

dostt realy apply but for rf

is def better all round

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gold plate kit medallion


I was not trying to discourage you or tell you that it doesn't work, and when I said that the only practical way to get silver into solution was cyanide I was wrong, many years ago I formulated an immersion bath, ( the process you are talking about), using silver nitrate, silver disolved by nitric acid, it worked fine but the deposit was so thin that it really wasn't practical in my situation, (industrial).

I am familiar with quite a few chemical coating processes, but I am by no means an expert.


and oh by the way copper migrates through gold quite easily,and a 1 or 2 atom film would not even be visibly yellow, it needs to be at least 3 (sorry about this) microinches (0.000003)", thick before it is visible I worked on this at 2 companies

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gold plating on shopping channel

Gold has higher DC resistance than silver.
I don't know for HF.

In most DC applications these low resistances can be neglected but for HF...

Perhaps in HF range gold has better conductivity.

For DC I will definitely try a gold layer as it looks nice!

Plz SIMBOX, let me know where to get this...

how to make liquid gold for plating glass

i will as soon as i see it on the shopping channel again or get to a book for the channel
i will ask my pals wife
she knows these things

it was just churning away the other night
and i kind of tuned

well these cotings shure were yellow

the longer imersed the thiker it is
the weeker the solution becoumes
and for . bla bla of a mm think

who cares
as gold has a better resistivity
not resistance
yes at hf and > it will make a quite good "skin " for rf to cling to

much like silver only better

if silver was better

why do they treat plugs and sockets casings with silver and the main connector is gold plate???

becouse it has a lower resistivity factor

as for resistance

gold is the "best conductor " appart from heavier metals

like mercury
which below -73 okel has no resistance or resistivity becoums negligable and it starts to super conduct

medallion silver plating kit

**broken link removed**

*** This is the direct url for the kit ***

Medallion Precious Metals Kit

Item Number 817306
Price £18.18
UK Postage & Packaging £2.95

Look after your jewellery with the Medallion Precious Metals Kit. It contains 4.25 fl oz of jewellery cleaner, 1 fl oz of silver polishing and plating lotion, 4.25 fl oz of gold plating system, 4 fl oz of Gold Shine and a gold plating system that consists of a basket, cleaning cloth, activating disk and sponge. Not only will this keep your jewellery clean, you can also 24 carat gold plate or silver plate it without damaging precious or semi-precious stones. Full instructions included.

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gold medallions kit



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gold coating dipping shopping channel

Normally, these TV shopping channels only offer crap at much too high prices. I think, the "**broken link removed**" is quite useless for electronics.

Non-electric chemical plating is based on AuCl<sub>4</sub> (Tetrachloroaurate-I) which isn't itself too toxic, but relies on cyanide to prevent the reduction of gold.
Galvanic gold plating uses Dicyanoaurate-I (Au(CN)<sub>2</sub>). The copper first gets plated with Ni to prevent diffusion of copper which would make the gold plating brittle and adhere badly on the copper.
For a better sliding and a better contact of plugs, the gold additionally gets alloyed with Fe, Co and Ni.
You see, if it shouldn't just look nice, it's a quite hard process which can't be substituted by the simple application of some liquids.

silver with acid

so let me get the right

what you are saying is that ever single gold plated plug and socket and ic etc is electroplated

well this speeks buckets to me

the point of the original thread
wasnt to find a better way or argue the merrits of electro or electochemical reactive
or non reactive induction or pulled induced plating technique

but to give an address for something i would find usefull on occassion in the lab
nothing more

i have ordered a kit
so time will tell
i just want a finnished product to look good
i dont even care if it works hehehehehehee

its for display
any way
most components are coated with lead
and tin mix
and most if not all components ive ever seen are tinned to a vast degree
ie its not the stuff to plate your 3.5mm twin /earth socket cable end with for 240v supply

so its irrelivent

as for the silver plate
well this is the one i wanted most
and as pointed out above
it is usefull on occation
as for copper silver aderation
well they love each other
if they are clean enough
and the silver or gold prep fluid
is good enough to clean all the oxides off
with a jewlers cloth
at the end of the day
you can fource the same liquid to yeild heavily
be applying a 9 volt source
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liquid gold plating system msds

Hi Simbox

Here in Brazil I use a similar product called "PRATEX". It is based in silver iodete and the PCB application is done with either a piece of cotton or a soft brush.
This product is very hard to find in local business and also very expensive. A 1L bottle cost around R$260,00 ( US$130,00 ).
But i think it´s the best way to assembly our Printed Board Antennas, filters, oscillators, stubs etc on microwave frequency.

gold plating liquid system uk


im still waiting for it to be delivered

so i have four pcb coils and a few things needing attention

so well see if its anygood
both liquids looked good on the advert

medallion plating kit


i got two kits in the mail today

well as expected it wont plate a few metals
but plates the ones i need to and there is a solution to the ones it wont plate gold straight off

it comes in two parts
silver and gold

so it will plate these with 24 crt gold
pure any real gold white gold gold plate
silver plate platinum rhodium nickel brass bronze copper (so also tin lead mix ) ie solder if method described used

but not to these straight off

stainless steel lead pewter non metalic

to plate these you must first plate with the silver liquid also supplyed

obviously after completely cleaning the piece to be plated

pcb can be plated by pouing the hot solution into an empty clean {new} etch try and also placeing this in 1 inch hot water in a basin

with a pcb {i did one and its shinny gold}

you simply place the pcb in the hot fluid
and place the activation disk on top
touching the print all around the tracks and slosh it about

the rule is aslong as the disk touches it
it will plate quickly

this is practicle for boards with a pour and remember you can take your time
and just hold the disk in wear a glove and touch the required surfaces till your happy with the result

it worked for me with just laying the pcb in and applying the disk by hand
to one i made for my antenna preamp at 1.2 ghz
it is about 1 inch square

so its not for plating a new super-computer pcb

remember if it dosnt plate with the gold
straight off

just take the plating off the surface with the cleaner
and replate with silver first

and take your time

roma wasnt built in a day

homebrew electroless tin plating

Does anybody know what chemicals to use to deposit a thing gold coating onto glass?

put rhodium in pcb etchant solution

hi rainbow wizard

this is simple to do

you need three things

1} a 24 V transformer
2} some tin foil {for cooking}
3} some leads and crock clips
4} some salts of gold like gold nitrite salts {precipatant of gold if you desolve {slowly in fuming nitric acid {nitrium} }
5} so basicaly you put the salts in the tin foil as a line and then apply a wand you make to flash the powder this will flash with a white flame bit like gun powder would flash

then this will deposit pure 24 ctr gold on the glass

i hope this helps you

i used a similar apperatus to fix gold ring breaks

as if you controll the voltage the salts just melt

into gold and fuse the ring with a pure new bit

{this is how an ajustment is made to any ring just cut the ring at the bottom of it at a diagonal pull appart a bit
and apply the methos finnished off witha file and a burnish then polished up....

the flash method is used by many industry

an exaple is the common valve where a strip of magnesium is used to remove any air moliculules prior to the heaters being used and the valve tested

ever wonder why a value turns white if it is brocken

or how a mirror is made to look so smoth a relflection surface

flash plating technique

how make liquid silver for pcb plating


I'm curious if you can use this gold-plating solution to plate
either pre-tinned PCB tracks (Tinnit) and/or standard DIP
IC leads/resistor leads/etc. It sure would make for some
interesting-looking boards/components. 8)


silver plate pcb

yes i thought this also

but judging by what was said it is touch and go if it is any sort of sucess

for gold plate

perhaps the flash technique can be controlled better but there are many aquious solutions that plate pins on chips already etc.. so i think with a little looking it could be found

as for flash plating it leaves too rough a surface

it is different when you plate glass becouse the glass side of flash plate is then very smooth

how mutch is 23 karret gold

Hello people.
Try this link:
They have lot of things related to pcb fabrication.

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