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Genset on/off using microcontroller

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Nov 28, 2009
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Dear friends,
i want to make GENSET on/off using microcontroller. can anybody suggest me some idea...

thanks in advance


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please add more info, what should it do
when there is no main electricity it should automatic go on/ off or something like this ...

i have a GSM system with SIM card in it. which is to be able to make ON/OFF the GENSET for a when a specific SMS command is received.


i am confused which section of the genset to use to make it on/off.

the genset pic you posted above, usually have starter system, called a self. This is similar to a car.

A starter motor connected to a battery with gearing is used to start the generator. The flywheel of the generator contains a geared ring, when the starter is switched ON, the gear of the starter motor engages with the geared ring in the flywheel turning it, after the generator starts the gear arrangement in the starter motor automatically gets dis-engaged. Additionally the genset engine would have an alternator also to keep the battery charged.

The gear assembly is also called a Bendix gear, and is used in cars. The starter switch is usually spring loaded so that on releasing the contact are disconnected, thus allowing the generator to run.

To use a PIC a suitable contactor can be energised by a PIC, but there must be a feedback from the generator indicating that the generator has started, keeping the starter running persistently even after the generator has started would damage the gear assembly. Perhaps you could use the alternator terminals for this.
Actually my motive is to stop the GENSET whenever i want by using a master relay switch.

if anybody wants to turn on the genset this initial condition is to make the master relay on.
it is just like taking permission before starting your work.

note: this master relay will be controlled from microcontroller

thanks for the reply friend
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Most gensets usually have a lever that has to be pressed manually to stop the genset, if your genset has such a lever, then I think it may have to be modified and an electro-mechanical device put in place. Its possible your genset already has such a device.

There are systems that can start and stop a genset electrically these are used in hospitals. Probably you can consider installing one.
yes, there is an "emergency shutdown" button which is pushed in to stop the GENSET.May be i can use a relay in place of that button.What is the current, flows through that button/lever switch .do you have any idea?because i'll have to consider such things while choosing a Relay.

Thanks a lot for the information.

sorry I have no idea about this. You may have to consult the user manual for your generator or consult with an generator maintenance people. But I think it should be easy enough.

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