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General questions about interfacing any mobile phone with any MCU

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Dec 18, 2012
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Interfacing mobile phone with the MCU would be such a nice thing to do, right ? :)
I become interested in this as well, but the information on the web is surprisingly unorganized and hard to find. For example, that bloody Nokia's FBUS investigation leads to this site... always: **broken link removed**

Could you please answer several general questions below ? Hopefully, other beginners will find this topic helpful.

1) In general, which mobile phones could be relatively easy interfaced with MCU's ? Phones that have serial interface AND at-command compatible, right ? Do they manufacture such devices nowadays ? Is there any kind list of such devices ?

2) Is Nokia the only one who has that FBUS / MBUS serial protocol ? I mean, if other mobile phones have serial interface, will it be some unique protocol ?

3) Why there is so little info about FBUS / MBUS / other protocols ?

4) If other-than-Nokia phone has serial interface, does it mean compatibility with AT commands ?

5) I have Nokia 6070. This device utilizes MBUS or FBUS via these pads behind the battery: link I have also seen somewhere, that Nokia 6070 can receive AT-commands via the cable.
The questions are:
- If I connect to the pads behind the battery, should I use only FBUS protocol and no simple at-commands via the rs-232 TTL level?
- FBUS pads and connector for the data cable are absolutely different things, right ?
- What is inside the Nokia's data cable ? Is it just level converter ? I have seen on some projects, that MAX232 is placed between the MCU and phone. This is like double conversion ?
- If i don't have a data cable and I want to send at-commands to my Nokia 6070, can I connect MCU's hardware UART directly to the phone ? Provided MCU is powered by ~3.7 volts and current limiting resistors are in place.
- If so, this connection (MCU to a 6070) must be made via the phone's bottom connector (where data cable plugs in) and not via the FBUS pads ?
- Which baud rate to choose ?

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