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Full H-bridge controlling12 v DC motor

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Abdo Mondy

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Apr 1, 2012
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hi all
i read so many threats here about that topic i'm using IR2110 to drive IRF1405 n-mos channel transistor
i want to know what's value of Vdd ,Vcc , capacitors and resistors shall i use to drive 12v motor
thanks in advance :)

here is it my schematic i'll use .

i want to know what's value of Vdd ,Vcc , capacitors and resistors shall i use to drive 12v motor
You know your circuit diagram specifies all of the above, right?

firstly i'm using different Transistor as i'm using IRF 1405 n-MOS transistor
and the motor that'm working on is 12v DC
so i think value of resistors and capacitors shall be changed also ?
value of load supply what shall i use ?

what's value of Vdd ,Vcc

the motor that'm working on is 12v DC
value of load supply what shall i use ?

The load supply is what feeds the 12v motor so how much voltage you think it needs?

as the motor is 12 V so i can use 15 as there will be voltage drop on Vds of both transistors or may be 20 will be better
but afraid the motor git bamped

- - - Updated - - -

also what bootstrap capacitors shall i use to work on 10Khz freq
and i've 1N4148 diode shall i use it in the bootstrap diode ?

If your motor can work with 15v or 20v then do so but I wouldn't recommend it.

Your mosfet spec is RDS(on) = 5.3mΩ so how much voltage drop do you expect?

i tried the circuit today but some thing very strange appeared
as the two upper mosfets worked although i connected HIN and LIN of the reverse direction to ground and LIN of forward direction to Vdd and applied my PWM signal to the HIN of forward direction transistor
note : i'm sure my connection was true but why the IC act like that ?
is there any thing active low in this IC ?
i didn't find any thing like that in the datasheet

There are no identifiers like "forward" and "reverse" in your schematic, may be they are in your head. It would be better if you clearly describe which signals have been applied to which actual circuit pins. I understand that the said drive pattern involves a circuit modification, because the original circuit has only two input signals DRV1 and DRV2.

You should also show which waveforms have been observed to allow others to determine if they are expectable or indicate a wiring fault or part defect,

You should however consider, that if the LIN signal of one bridge side is permanently low (deactivated), the HIN signal has no effect due to missing bootstrap supply.

To comment previous post #4, the Vdd and Vcc supply levels in the original schematic (5V and 12V) are just O.K.

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