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Full Color Led Dot Matrix separate leads per color

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Jun 13, 2011
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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the acquisition or building of a full color dot matrix display. I have most of the other componenents already lined up, but am missing the display itself. The specs for the display:

1) full color
2) 8x8 or 8x16
3) if Vf < 2.5v: common cathode (each color separate, so 8x3/16x3 columns and 8x3 rows)
4) if Vf > 2.5v: common anode (same rules)
5) max 40mA typical forward current

In a custom design, 3 and 4 may be mixed, but I would prefer a prebuild matrix, so it will probably be a common anode with separate leads per color.

The question:
1) Does anyone know if such a display exists (and have a link to it)
2) Does anyone have any pointers to making a display myself that can be used to display video/general animations (I am planning on creating a modular display system, so I can expand it when I want to have a bigger/higher resolution screen)
2a) Can it be done with ordinary 3 or 5mm single color leds and some kind of diffuse lens
2b) Can anyone point me to through hole RGB leds with separate anodes/cathodes per color
2c) Can anyone point me to any RGB led with separate anodes/cathodes per color that don't cost a fortune (cheapest I've found are still around $0.8 or more)

Thanks in advance,

Check scecifications bellow, and evaluate if fit your need :


This is not exactly what I need, the problem is I need a seperate row and separate column per color, so it must be a full color matrix but each color must behave as if it is a single color matrix...


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