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FLUKE 45 Interface with VB.Net 2008 to control with PC

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Jun 27, 2005
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Hello , I made a software program with VB.Net to control a FLUKE 45 with serial port using a null modem DB9 cable (very important "null modem") if you want to read a resistance press ohmeter button only one time, if you want to do another measure with the ohmeter...first press the "Clear" button and then press ohmeter.

Regards.....and saludos...!!


  • FLUKE 45 Project.rar
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i think your information will help me a lot since i want to program also fluke 45 using rs232 via VB. the problem is, i am using vb.net2005 so i can't open your program. the scenario is that i will use the fluke 45 to measure DC voltages (mV only) then i want the result to be written directly to excel spreadsheet. wish you can help me..thanks in advance

Sorry I never used excel and VB.Net together, but about to read the source code ..... you can download the microsoft Visual Basic.Net 2008 Express edition (is free) from microsoft site. I'm newbie too on the programming.

Best Regards....


i try to replicate your program to see if i can make it work but i got an error everytime i uses the "wait". do i need to make a general declaration for this?

thanks in advance.

Hello I made another module, this is the code:

Module Module1

Private Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" _
(ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Public Sub Wait(ByVal Seconds As Single)

Dim lMilliSeconds As Long
lMilliSeconds = Seconds * 1000

End Sub
End Module

then You can use wait.

Thank you so much for your help but do you have any programming manual of Fluke45? i tried to search at the net but i always end up with the operation manual only. would you mind posting it here or maybe you can send me at ym.

thanks in advance..


Been out for a while. thank you for the manual you sent me. by the way, there's a problem with your code,you still need to clear the textbox before you can write or send another string to the meter. what i want to do is that i can press enter continuously then my textbox should display the data everytime i click enter even without clicking the clear button. do you have any idea on how to code that?

thanks in advance..

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