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flash memory usb disk drive

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Feb 19, 2005
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flash memory low level format -hdd

can any one help me to repair my (mydata 1 GB ) flash disk , i plugged it without closing it ,

please help me if theres any softwares can help , i trtied disk difragment and every solution on windows but it cant work out

if theres any software you can help me plz

reflash usbdisk

These memory disks are not repairable if the HARDWARE goes bad. Can only be tried to repair if bad on software side. Please give some more detail of the problem, like:
1: Is it accesible by computer.
2: Does it show any capacity.
3: Does it go very HOT or not after plugging in the system.

fix usb flash memory disk write protected

hi man , thank you for your reply

the main problem that the computer detect my usb flash disk and i cant acces in to it , i tried to access by my data doctor recovery and i get it my all lost files but still i cant manage my usb disk as usual flash disk

however theres many flash disks come to my workshop from my clints and i want to know if theres a solutions for it to solve flash problems

ican manage the volt faults by changing transistor and any burnt electrical piece

but iwana know if theres any way to install (bootloader) in to flash disk and may be ill repair it i guess the problem that the flash lose the boot file systems and the computer cant see it as device ami right ???

please give me more details about how to fix usb flash

thank you in advance

how to fix a bad memory disk

Windows should be able to reformat the drive which will restore the file system. The FAT table can get scrambled by unplugging the drive while it is in the middle of being accessed.

Several programs on the WEB will make the USB a boot device. However, this is not usually necessary.

If you want to do a low-level format, then you need info on exactly whose controller is providing the interface and you need to get that company to give you their initialization code. Usually, they will not do this. They either tell you to return it for reprogramming or to buy another one.

reflash usb disk

hi man , u right in what u replied me , its not easy to repair flash , but iam thinking if theres any way to get a boot system files from good flash and install it in to bad one it will gonna be ok

and i got problem today that when i tried to formatt 512 MB LG flash memory the computer told me write protection but theres no key to push it , just it write protection , itried to defrage it but no way

plzzzzz help

Within these devices, there is a controller chip that sits between the USB port and the actual flash chips. This controller chip is what mimics the FAT file system. The code within the controller chip is not readable, even on a good flash.

Some drives have a software password feature. If the user set the password and then forgot it, then there is no real solution. Formatting will fail under that situation since they are protecting against rogue user from wiping people's files. The manufacturer most likely has a back-door to reset the password or get into the drive. However, they will not share this info as it defeats the purpose of the password.

These devices are really the new "floppy disk". When they work, great! When the stop working, discard them. If very important data is on the drive, then get ready to spend lots of money for the manufacturer to try and retrieve it.

uuh man this is upsetting selution

but we can fix many other things and i feel flash usb disk is easy way to fix

iwll not keep looking about solutions and will report it here and if theres any one can help it will be great

thank u again

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