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flash disk broken! How to recover files from bin?

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Oct 17, 2004
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broken flash drive

Hi to all. i got here a flash disk that was broken because any pc could recognize it so i unsolder samsung flash and read all bin using my superpro3000 programmer.
Now i ask your help to know wich is best way to recover files from bin file.
tks in advance!

recover file from broken flashdisk


How many Flash ROM are there? First thing would be to guess the order in which the individual flash ROMs are organized to form the flash disk. The flash ROMs could be 8, 16 or 32 bit wide. Depending on the interface width (16 or 32 bit) of the flash disk one, two or four flash ROMs form a memory bank.

This is the first item to guess.

The second item will be the memory banks. It may help following the pcb traces of the /CE, /OE and possibly the higher order memory address lines to see in which array the flash ROMs are organized.

When you have the organisation then mix and concatenate the single flash files to a complete memory dump. You can mount this file in a Linux system using the loopback device, and then extract the files.


flash disk broken

Tks for your reply. It was only one flash rom a 128Mb flash rom.
I already have read some info before about make a mount in linux and so on but i never worked with linux. im willing to pay some money if necessary to someone. docs inside are mostly excel and word and some pictures. I got here the bin read and if someone do this service even for some money im interested.

recovering flashdisk rom

How about getting another flash drive of the exact same type and attaching the flash memory to it?

broken flash disk

but i don t have any of same type unfortunaly. i also remember that but could not find it

view .bin flash rom

As i know, files of Flash memorys, organized in FAT32 format, and completly similar to file system of windows.
and i think it is not easy to get its data. you must find directory section and its clusters (from FAT section), then concatenate that cluster to make original files.


recovering file from flashdisk

i also assume would not be easy. but no one here can do this kind of work? i just need some data inside if possible . Even it take me some money.

recoverfiles flashdisk

There is a program called WINHEX that may help. An eval version is available for download. It allows you to look at hex files and drive clusters. If you assume FAT16 format, then there should be two copies of the FAT table stored in the flash.
It will not be an easy task, but you have to attempt to find the FAT table and then use that to recreate the rest of the drive.

Personally, I would go shopping for a similar drive and swap the chips. Several vendors, like Lexar make flash drives in clear cases. This allows you to see the controller and the flash chip. You already have a bin file image, so you could also remove the flash chip from the new drive, burn in the bin file and replace it on the new flash drive. Assuming that the old flash was not corrupt and that the new controller has a similar drive emulation scheme, it could be an easy fix.

Do you have a copy of at least one file that was on the drive? If so, you can search the bin file for pieces of that file, that at least tells you whether the bin dump has anything but garbage in it.

-- Steve

broken restore file

sergioems said:
It was only one flash rom a 128Mb flash rom.

Then it is quite easy. Use a Linux system and the local loopback device to mount the bin-file, then extract the data you need. Read man pages for mount if you are unfamiliar with the options.


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