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fire fighting robot help needed

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Dec 25, 2010
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Hello frnds...i m begginer to robotic stuff..i m doing project on fire fighting robot..i searched internet for quite some time got alot of still ideas are nt clear..I m posting some question if any 1 can answer it ll be appreciated.1)i m thinking to use eltec pyroelectric 441 for heat detection i want my robot to detect candle flame and guide microcontroller towards the candle and the microcontroller must start moving towards this can be done?by programming or?i m thinking to use AT89s52..
2)how to stop the robot jst infront of the candle can this also be programmed??
plzz help :oops:
thanxx in advance

first:you have same basic problems as far as I can see. first of all your robot does not detect anything and lead your microcontroller towards it. it should be: your sensor sends the heat signal to your micro controller, you microcontroller detects that there is an increase in heat, or detects that the temperature is above some threshold and the mcontroller makes your robot move towards the aim. you need to clarify these ideas first of all. the mcont. is the brain of your robot, it processe the info coming from the sensors(which are like your eyes and ears...) and sends appropriate signals to the fan or the motors to make them work in the way it desires.
second: how will your robot find its way? will it follow a line and enter rooms and check if there is a fire or not? or will it move ina a maze with high walls and it has to find its way through the maze. first option is the easiest you can use three light sensors under your robot to see its position. in the second case yu need to use distance sensors to determine the distance from the walls and move straight.

I guess that you robot will not be able to detect a flame that is a half meter away from itself, but it will have to travel around a platform and react when it finds a flame. this is the general case that it is done.

these are very basic things that you have to have an idea on. coming to your question: "2)how to stop the robot jst infront of the candle can this also be programmed??" when you clarify the concepts in your head. it is easy to program your robot to stop when it sees a flame. just program it to stop sending "move" signals to its motors when the signal coming from the heat sensor is above a threshold...

I would recommend yu to start with a simpler idea, a line following robot. that would give you the basic idea on how to program the mcont. to lead the robot.
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