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FIR Filter algebra help please

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Oct 11, 2005
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i attached a pdf describing my problem,
i am in urgent need please help...

lol :D

cant stop laughing when i see guys who try to outsource their homeworks!!
for others information, It's not that I can not do my homeworks! ... i've been involved in a series of ieee papers(all from one person who does not reply to my emails) that's references to each other and explain about the details tooo little tooo paradoxical,for two monthes. it's like he did not wanted anybody understand his work, or maybe he was faking his success!
and also, I can not stop feel pity for those who make points for themselves by blaming others...

and i did not say that simulate the paper for me, i just asked how could we have real weights with complex FFTbased recursion! keep on laughing then!

Please dont ridicule anybody. You have the right not to answer a question but please dont try to impose your opinions. Knowlege and humility are twins. Thats my own saying by the way.

nothing? any ideas? come on! i spent 30 points on this post....

In any DSP algo chain where FFT is used ,its usually the real fft with real input - complex twiddles and complex output.

Now since u have a real input (N)...You can use a N/2 point complex FFT and then u can unpack again to N point real output.

N Real input -> N/2 point cmplx FFT -> N/2 cmplx output -> Post processing -> N Real output.

There are two kinda algos available to do this real FFT. I think you can find is easily in inet.

also read this for better understanding of FFT and tweaking it

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Not open for further replies.

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