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finite difference matlab code loop

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Oct 11, 2001
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fdtd code

I'm a beginner in FDTD programing.
Anyone have a MATLAB code to solve the irregular grid problem??


fdtd matlab code

Me too ...

I really want to lean to code it by myself ..
Can someone give me some simple tutorial codes ...

fdtd matlab

There is a book on FDTD with some 2-D code included. I don't remember the title now. Check your library.
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finite difference time domain matlab

Computational Electrodynamics: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method (w CD-ROM),
by Allen Taflove, Susan C. Hagness, Artech House; 2nd edition,
contains some simple fdtd matlab codes.
fdtd code in matlab

Simple fdtd program is very easy write, especially you are using matlab.
Once the formulation are derived, writing the code is just a matter of time. You may first start by writing a simple 1D code with both side PEC, then adding ABC. This step will verify and solidify your concept. After 1D, then 2D and 3D. You may try implementing PML in 2D, after it is verified then extend to 3D.

Extending regular grid to irregular grid is just a piece of cake, but you may take care of the stability condition.

For updating fields in your simulation domain, try avoid using "for loop". "For loop" is incredible slow in matlab.

matlab fdtd

anyone can provide a 1D fdtd matlab code with ABC for reference.

fdtd codes

Some FDTD m-progs from Balanis antenna book.

With responce,


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1d fdtd code

I have downloaded the FDTD code you posted ...
Will try it by now ...
(Thanks for posting the stuff ..)

fdtd code matlab

Any body has MATLAB FDTD code for Microstrip antenna? :?: :idea: :!:

fdtd c++

I'm also looking for that ...
But sofar .. no reaction ...hic hic ....
anyone else ...plz ...

matlab fdtd

Thanks for posting

Added after 1 minutes:

where can I find help for 2D FDTD code for C, I have writen one, but seems not correct, anyone can help?

code fdtd


1d fdtd matlab

I upload an FDTD code in matlab in one dimension. It is very easy to understand it and than to extend it in 2 and 3 dimensions.

edaboard fdtd

hi everyone,i'm a beginner in electromagnetic field. i'm very interested in evaluating sar distribution in a human head due to cellular phone. i want to evaluate it using matlab. thus i do not know how to start. can someone give me any fdm or fdtd code.thanks
fdtd matlab book

it is possible to have a FDTD code in matlab for three dimensions??

matlab code for plpc fdtd

You should start with Sulivan book it is very good as introduction in FDTD and it contains all codes in C++

matlab m-file free tlm fdtd code

engmfarhat said:
You should start with Sulivan book it is very good as introduction in FDTD and it contains all codes in C++

can u upload this book, also I am looking for matlab codes

fdtd introduction

it is already uploaded in the edaboard. just search
for FDTD

Added after 2 minutes:

i search for you it is in the link:

fdtd simple code in matlab

the id dodes are available on the net . just google for the name of the book and you will get teh basic codes

FDTD matlab code

does anyone has PBFDTD code

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