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Fingerprint feature extraction - matlab

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Sep 6, 2005
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fingerprint feature extraction

I'm doing Fingerprint Recognition System with Neural Network. The fingerprint images that I use are binary images. Do anyone have the matlab code or algorithm for the singular point detection (preferably poincare index) and orientation image? I've read through some papers about these, but I have no idea how to do it with matlab. I need to extract these features from the fingerprint image and input to the neural network for training. Please help. Thanks in advance.
Except questions above, your suggestions and comments for this project are much welcome and appreciated.

P/S: Assuming that the images have been enhanced and free of noise.

feature extraction matlab

i need matlab implementation of "Raymond Thai thesis on fingerprints".............
plzz help me..........i have to submit my degree project...
feature extraction in matlab

hi leekk!

Am trying to implement poincare based singular point exraction..

Initially i find the orientation of the fingerprint as said by "Online fingerprint Verification"by Anil.K.Jain..

to implement poincare method i need to seperate the fingerprint into blocks and for each block i should consider one orientation value..

if am seperating the original image into blocks and after that am finding orientation means , am getting correct core point.
But incase if am finding orientation for all points and considering one angle for each block, am getting more than one core point....
my problem here is, among the theta values in the block, which value should i consider..
i tried with the mean value, maximum value and the minimum value./..
but still erraneous...

find the code as attachment
plz help me....
feature extraction using matlab

sorry ... i didn't attch the file properly....

kindly check the file attah ed with this...

fingerprint feature extraction algorithm

sorry ... i didn't attch the file properly....

kindly check the file attah ed with this...

feature extraction matlab code


I've seen your attachment, I think I need some time to figure out how your program work. At first place, you've found the orientation field, where I use the same code, it's no problem.

I've made the orientation field into blocks and average the orientation value. You can do so if the size of your orientation field is big. In my case, the field is 330x225. I average it into 66x45.

I also get more than one core point, but I make the point that is nearest with the centre of fingerprint as the real core point.

Hope this can help you.

feature of matlab

Hi, meka

I think the method you use in your poincare computation is different from mine. I've upload my equation and code, hope can help you.

If you have any opinions or suggestions, we can discuss further.
matlab code singular point

hi frnds,
i think this link wil help u in matlab functions. u can downlaod many matlab function. including finger print(ridge).

**broken link removed**
matlab code for feature extraction of fingerprint

hi leek
am trying to implement in the way what you have written....

do you have any idea about polynomial model for singular points detection...

matlab code feature extraction


Sorry that I have no idea about polynomial methods for singular point detection. Maybe you can try other ways, as poincare index is only one of them.

feature extaraction method for fingerprint

Hi all,
which one is better for fingerprint feature extraction ? filter based or minutiae based ?
thx b4 :D

core and delta extraction mfile

Hi leek88 and meka,
Have you ever tried the algorithm for finding center point location on fingerprint based on "Gabor Filterbank and its Application in the Fingerprint Texture Analysis" paper by Yang Xu and xuedong ??

I tried the algorithm, but I have problem in understanding point 5 and 6 on the algorithm. I hope any body can help me here.



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finger print detector using matlab

Hi, adiguna

I didnt try using Gabor Filterbank before. I think you code it according to the algorithm, should be ok. If can, please upload the algorithm here, hope somebody can help.

matlab image feature extraction

Hi leek..

Can you upload your paper algorithm for core point detection,pls.
because I'm trying to understand the code you write.

thx :)

matlab code for image feature extraction

hi adiguna....

This is for your reference for core point detection...

A Multichannel Approach to Fingerprint Classification
Anil K. Jain, Fellow, IEEE, Salil Prabhakar, Student Member, IEEE, and Lin Hong

let me know if you could not get the paper....

Added after 5 minutes:

hi leek....

i've included the file you sent to me..
even then, for most of the files therez false detection...
how to rectify that...

need one more help ..

what does "imfilter.m" function do internally..
i am afraid that imfilter function includes convolution function.....
which has time complexity....

how to solve it...

fingerprint orientation field matlab code


Try to download the paper posted by meka. I will try to provide you some more papers later.


I'm not sure what imfilter do. Anyway, you can open this m file to see its full code. My code is not able to detect correct core point for all fingerprint image. Some of them are still faulty.

finger print feature extraction

hi leek....
still faulty results for me...
wat abt ur results...?

feature extraction + matlab


I am Lohith from Bangalore,Karnataka,INDIA. I am doing a project on Minutiae based Fingerprint Recognition System.I am very new to this field.I am trying to write CODE in MATLAB. I have one request for you.Can you please send me the codes for Fingerprint Recognition in MATLAB.
I would be very greatful for your help.
Thank You in advance.I will be waiting to hear from you.



centre of fingerprint

Hi, meka

Sorry for the late reply....I've already finished my project and graduate. The core point detected is not correct everytime, but the accuracy is acceptable. There're many core point detected, I locate the point which is nearest to the centre of the fingerprint image and make it as core point. Since I crop a small area near core point and put this into neural network for recognition, so the result is still acceptable. How about your project?


Maybe you can have a look at papers and decide which methods you want to use. It's impossible we upload the whole code for you. We just discussing and exchange info and opinion here. If you have any question, you can ask here. I believe there will be somebody can help....
fingerprint feature extraction matlab code

Hi What algoritm would you guys suggest that should be used for fingerprint recognition ?

Thanks .

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