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feed tl074 op-amp by only +30v

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Sep 3, 2015
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I have this schematic that i dont know it will work or no...?
I have only and only +30v
Input from 0-5v, i want output from 2 to 28v
Tl074 because this is available in my region ,cheap & not bad slew rate,so . This schematic can be work or simple change make it to work...?

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You will meet the common-mode input range, just barely.

But the output will not swing within 2 volts of earth. Specially if you are driving a load lower than 10k

You have drawn an inverting amplifier, but it sounds like you want a non-inverting amplifier.

In both cases you need to change some circuit details "to make it work", e.g. the bias voltage divider. Although not guaranteed by datasheet, output voltage range of 2 to 28V will typically work with TL074 (and respective high load resistance).

Thanks for replay...
Why high load and not less than 10k..? How much for 36v...
What change are you suggest...?
I'm using devider for 15v becuase datasheet said .15v for virtual ground...
Sorry for bad english...

Read the datasheet. With lower resistances (and thus higher output currents) the available output swing decreases significantly.

As FvM and I have noted previously, the guaranteed swing will not reach 2 volts. But manufacturers rate their devices conservatively, and you may get lucky and find a device which will still do that. But you are pushing your luck, so don't push it too far, and use the highest possible output load.

I will take output current under .5mA...
But i cant under stand swing voltage...the only parameter i founded in tl074 datasheet is output swing voltage that is 12v for 10k...
is swing be beter if smaller or higher...

With a plus and minus 15V supply supply the output swing is guaranteed to be at least -12V to +12V or typically -13.5V to +13.5V into a 10k load. 12V into 10k is a current of 1.2mA. You cannot buy a typical one, you get whatever they have.
Since you have only a +30V supply then the output swing might be +3V to +27V.
Your choice of OA may not meet your Vol, Voh requirements.
Rail-Rail output OA's tend to be low current but not always.

Choices are tradeoffs and if you choose higher power supply idle current, you may find better output levels closer to the V+

I suggest LT1677 or LT1678 (2x) LT1679 (4x)
which can sink 10mA with less than 0.75V drop from the supply rail.

Learn to use various websites to choose from design criteria. TI, Linear, etc.,1!gtd_1006,1007!1004_>=28!1076_yes!1047_yes

the TL074 will not go much higher by changing load from 10k to 1M due to driver type.

If LT167x is too expensive or not avail. then you need to explore all avail options such as;

  • choose another Rail-to-Rail Op Amp with 30V Vcc
  • choose a 36V supply and 36V Op Amp
  • add complementary stage on output with feedback on output with current limit, low Vce(sat) etc.
    [*=1] reverse +/- input since driver inverts

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