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fax using mobile GPRS PDA

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Jan 24, 2002
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fax for pda

i not sure is this achievable

send a fax through a GPRS PDA (i.e. O2). assuming there is such a software available (like winfax for PC) for the PDA

does the mobile service provider (the handphone company) need to add some service to their system to handle such a service, or nothing needs to be done?

as far as i know, winfax works for PC, coz it is connecting through a fixed line (and fixed line service provider supports fax)

how to do fax using mobile gprs

The mobile operators seem to sell packages such as "GPRS with incuded FAX service"

See for example **broken link removed**

Also, the analog network fax solution uses modems, which are not suitable for the digital wireless phone network. Therefore one needs some kind of gateway between the GPRS and analog phone/fax.

One possibility is of course use an already existing internet based fax gateway servise such as or If you have Internet access from that PDA, sending and receiving faxes should be easy. Such gateways provide fax service via e-mail. Efax offers free incoming fax -> e-mail service, and paying subscribers get a full two-way package. I have long experience with, and generally I have been quite satisfied. Btw. both companies are nowadays merged to /owned by

The fax viewer program might be an issue, I do not know if it is available for every PDA.


p.s. I wonder what this discussion does under Microwave and RF..... I guess it should be moved to another forum?

don't know where to pu

dear Ted,

thanks :)
i also agreed this is somewhat not a right forum, but can't figure out which one is better

anyway, does it mean the handphone company can create such a gateway for us to send fax?


You can browse internet using your GPRS mobile and a PC/Laptop. Wand while o internet using fax softwares available on net , u can send fax.

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