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Fatal internal error in system generator

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Jun 30, 2011
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I am designing a second order filter in system generater but on compiling I am getting the error as

An internal error occurred in the Xilinx Blockset Library. Please report this error to Xilinx (, in as much detail as possible. You may also find immediate help in the Answers Database and other online resources at Since it is possible that this internal error resulted from an unhandled usage error in your design, we advise you to carefully check the usage of the block reporting the internal error. If errors persist, we recommend that you restart MATLAB

The error is according to compiler is related to a constant value. I have attatched a screenshot..Please help me out. I am also attatching url to the screenshot incase the attachment doesnt open.

Thanks in advance. image1.JPG

I think the error is related to some of the feedback loops in your design.
I have read something about that in the SystemGenerator Getting Started Guide.

Try searching the Xilinx Website for feedback loops related error reports.

Otherwise the error report itself gives you the best advice:
"Please report this error to Xilinx (, in as much detail as possible."

Ya the error got corrected...though I dont know how. But the problem now that I am getting is that this filter design is not showing any output. I feel that I have made some mistake in designing. I got this design from xilinx support only. This is the link . I will be glad if anyone could help me out. Thanks in advance. Also for biquad how do we implement the scaling thing. Thanks in advance

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