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Exporting from microCap6 to Protel

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Dec 31, 1999
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somebody knows how to get a working net file out of MicroCAP6 to Protel, I can get the package editor to connect to the the componet eg. Resistor, capacitor etc. ?? It say missing package even I put a (package)statement in the compn.

Perhaps the package name you are adding is not contained within the Protel Library when you import the netlist file.

The netlist file must use the same package name for the part as the library that Protel has loaded.

Is the message you get after import say 'footprint not found' in netlist manager?


no no I don´t even get to that point mc6 says "Warning 'R1' has no Package" even that I wrote one in the package line in the component ?
maybe is because is mix demo/pro ver I use ?

If you entered the package/footprint information in the Mcap app itself it should transfer it to the netlist.

Sometimes on exporters to other vendors apps the netlist can gets screwed or it generates 2 files instead of one. Have you checked the netlist contents to see if the pakage data you entered is actually there?

Protel does that when it exports a PPCB netlist and you have to merge both files manually.


I checked the file but no package is there, mc6 show you it have done after translate it to .net format. it like ....
AAAhhAggeee I think I'm getting it. old DOS way I have to use mc6 DATA dir as default work dir Then I got conntact to the translater > Protel etc. I guess the main .lib .lbr etc has to be in same dir.-....) that have bug'ed me for some time Thanx for you help JR This Board ROOOOOOCKS

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Glad you found the problem.

Perhaps ODB++ data exchange format will help with this in the future but not for a long time as compatability between apps is very low on S/W vendors list of priorities [unless they can sell you a translator!]


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