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Expended Gerber Files from Allegro to a Factory

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Feb 27, 2011
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I just finished layout of a very complicated circuit in Allegro 16.3, i send its gerber to a factory that produce it with all layers u can imagine. thet sent me a PDF that demand all files format of gerbers that they need and i really don't know how to export any of it. I am adding the PDF and telling you the files i need and i will very appruciate if anyone can tell me how to export those files:

1) LC1612D.gtl - Top Layer Photoplot
2) LC1612D.gbl - Bottom Layer Photoplot
3) LC1612D.gts - Top Solder-mask Photoplot
4) LC1612D.gbs - Bottom Solder-mask Photoplot
5) LC1612D.gto - Top Overlay Photoplot
6) LC1612D.gbo - Bottom Overlay Photoplot
7) LC1612D.gp1 - Internal Plane 1 Photoplot
8) LC1612D.gp2 - Internal Plane 2 Photoplot
9) LC1612D.gd1 - Drill Drawing Photoplot
10) LC1612D.gg1 - Drill Guide Photoplot
11) LC1612D.drl - NC Drill Photoplot
12) LC1612D.drr - NC Drill Report
13) LC1612D.ldp - Layer Pairs Export File for PCB
14) LC1612D.rul - DRC Rules Export File for PCB
15) LC1612D - RoundHoles.txt - NC Drill List
16) LC1612D - SlotHoles.txt - NC Drill List
17) LC1612D.REP - Individual layer used aperture List
18) LC1612D.apr - Aperture
19) LC1612D.EXTREP - Gerber files extension report
20) LC1612D.GTP - Top Solder Paste Photoplot
21) LC1612D.GBP - Bottom Solder Paste Photoplot


  • PCB Sepc--sample.pdf
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hello again
the manufactore sais that there is no otline in my gerber, in my layout i have one in Board Geomtry/Outline, but i dont see it in the gerber, and the manufacotrer also,
can any one help me with this?
thank you!

try to verify the layer name in your layout and check it when generating your gerber data.

Hi ronf6co

You can add the board outline in the Art file generation table in manually.

1. turn off the all layers visibility.
2. Turn on the board geomenty outline.
3. Go to art work generation table.
4. select the one of the ,art file folder(ex: top )
5. right click and select add option.
6, Know the board outline its added in the .art file list you generate the photoplot.

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