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Exclusive 2.5GHz Frequency Counter

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2.5 ghz frequency counter

I supose you can only measure frequency in continious wave signals. can you also measure pulse radiofrequency signals up to 1 GHZ?





I am sorry but I think the site now seems to be time-outed in connection.

Does anybody could upload files in the forum?

lmx2322 prescaler

It looks good. A kit available for €59. Anyone buyed already? Why is the prescaler LMX2322 nowhere to find? even at National Semiconductor not found.

exclusive 2.5ghz frequency counter

I appreciate the site author's projects very much. Regarding freq counter - elegant idea, but could not find any data on LMX2322. Also there is no source file for the processor, only hex.

What intrigues me a lot is PLL's charge pump CPo connected to the discrete RC0 PIC input. I cannot think of anything which could make this schematic to work :(

I would rather connect the divider output (FoLD) to the PIC's counter instead.

Also using PIC16F870 looks like overkill for this task.

ghz frequency counter


Let me give some technical info about this counter.

The Counter actually use the pre-scaler inside the LMX2322.
The output is the CPo, even if it sounds odd.
The LMX2322 used in this counstruction is a 3 to 5V type.

The advantage to use this LMX is becasue it has a wide input range with excellent sensitivity.
More info here:

Parts can be found here:
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