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Ethernet conncetion between Xilinx spartan3e 16000 FPGA and PC

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Mar 16, 2007
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Hi friends,

How can I connect my Xilinx spartan3e 16000 FPGA to the PC using ethernet? I will use hardware co simulation with point-point ethernet. I think that I must do this first. I have tried some ways but have not managed yet. Please help..

By the way, do I need the install the files of the given FPGA from the MATLAB?



What is Spartan 3E 16000? Do you mean Spartan XC3S3E1600? Is it a Spartan 3E-1600 development board?

Hardware co-simulation is a somewhat advanced FPGA topic. I'm not sure if this is what you are trying to do, but is a Xilinx tutorial on using System Generator and hardware co-simulaiton.

This uses the JTAG connection and not the Ethernet. I've run across $10K+ systems that allow hardware co-simulation through Modelsim over Ethernet, but those basically entail using tools that repartitioning the design and adding both Ethernet co-simulation interfaces and logic to capture the state of internal nodes.

Or perhaps this Matlab hardware in the loop co-simulation is more what you are looking for. This does look like it uses Ethernet to communicate with the hardware, but does seem to be somewhat vague on the details.

I'll admit I've only glanced at these so they might not be applicable to what you are trying to do, based on your other posts.

Hi firends,

I have Xilinx Spartan XC3S3E1600 development board. I am really confused!!!

I am really confused!!!

Then instead of telling us you require X, Y, and Z. Tell us what your objective is and we can recommend the correct approach.

e.g. Instead of I'm doing co-simulation with Ethernet and my Spartan 3E board.
How about something like: I'm designing a Simulink based design that does ____ and I want to run the ___ portion of the design as a hardware in the loop co-simulation with Simulink. I've got this and that working, but don't know how to do ABC?

OK my friends ads-ee,

Here is my work : I have a simulink model based on Xilinx blocks. And I have a data of 'Plain' and 'key' in Matlab Workspace. These datas are double in array format. Firstly, in Simulink environment, I need to take these data (both Plain and key) using simin (from workspace block) and then proceed an encryption. For example, bitxor operation of 'Plain' and 'key'. This process must be done in my FPGA board (Spartan 3E xc3s1600e). So should I use hardware co simulation for this part??

Thanks agaian my friend.. I really need help. This part is very important for my PhD. By the way, Do I have to use JTAG connection?


Well it seems like you are doing exactly what was in the link I posted to a tutorial on using hardware co-simulation in post #3 didn't that answer how to do this?

There is also link on Mathworks that describes co-simulation with a simulink staring point.

In either case you run the simulation in Modelsim using the hardware co-simulation feature. I also recall that ISE also has some sort of co-simulation capability.

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